GENUINE PIT-SMOKED TEXAS BAR-B-Q: Start with a custom-built Texas pit smoker - big enough to feed a Sunday-after church, hungry, hat-wearing crowd, usually about 1,000lbs-plus of un-Vegeterian deliciousness. A firebox load of post-oak to cook the meat with just smoke and heat...and you're ready to carry on the tradition of low and slow cooking with a pit-master's touch to render the meat down to its basic, juicy, smoky tenderness...That's what I'm talking about!

...then there's the pizza...CHICAGO DEEP DISH PIZZA: When all those cattle were driven from Texas up to Chicago to market, a wonderful thing happened. The Southern cornbread - cooked in a big cast iron skillet - was introduced to sauce, meat and cheese .in a blackened 2" deep baking pan. Nothing's been the same since! Take the best artisanal flour, premium Wisconsin cheese, Chicago's finest sausage, fresh crushed tomatoes, plus a little cornmeal added to the crust...and you have some of the best eating outside of Chicago!

ABOUT BOB (BUBBA) YEATS: 20 years ago, Bob thought "Why Not Take Food from two fun-loving places and share with the folks on the Peninsula, who also love great food?" Raised throughout the South - acquiring an advanced degree in the irreverence that comes from living all over Texas - still improving on what all started some 50 years ago in the back yard with two colorful Uncles, a barrel smoker, a load of chicken & ribs and a basting mop. A love of all things Southern, from fried chicken, great looking women in pretty dresses, Delta blues, honky-tonks, Southern greens and Frito pie.

Wrap all this up in a tradition of Southern story-telling that - to quote Bob's very proper, white-haired, Southern Baptist Grandmother - "is richer than 9 foot up a bull's b__t"...and you wind up with a big green chili & pit-smoked pork hospitality burrito of "How ya' all doin' and thanks for comin' to see us."