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"This is my favorite lunch place! I eat there at least 1 time per week. I love their salads, the vegis are fresh and clean, and when you add the meat, it is a fantastic meal. Their brisket is to die for, and everyone loves their bread sticks. The staff is wonderful, they really care about their customers. Now the garden patio is now open and I will be spending my lunch hours out there!!! Check it out"

- Tanya T., San Mateo CA

"The first time I came here we got a pizza and ribs. Both were the best I've ever had in my life...The BBQ was awesome perfectly smoked meat and I loved the sauce."

-Jim S.

"It's really hard to find Chicago style pizza here in the bay area...So far, the pizza has always been really awesome. It's very true to the Chicago style and the flavors are delicious. The crust is my favorite part and it's very, very tasty."

-Priscilla S.

Great bbq'd meats.Wonderful meal! I couldn't ask for better service! Trish and the gang treated us like family.Trust me I travel for bbq and this one is a winner.Come to a place that "get's it".Good food and good people!

-Alan N.