Texas Style BBQ in San Mateo

Texas Style BBQ
Bubba bbq cook

Bubba (our Pitmaster), a pile of wood, a pig, a cow, a big Texas pit and lots of time create some great Texas ‘Q. Brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, pork shoulder and our tasty hotlinks make for some “Knuckle Suckin’” Good eating!



We start with a custom-built Texas pit smoker – big enough to feed a Sunday-after church, hungry, hat-wearing crowd, usually about 1,000 lbs+ of un-Vegetarian deliciousness. A firebox load of post-oak to cook the meat with just smoke and heat…and you’re ready to carry on the tradition of low and slow cooking with a pit-master’s touch to render the meat down to its basic, juicy, smoky tenderness…That’s what I’m talking about!

How Long Do You Cook Your BBQ?:

BBQ San MateoWe smoke our meat and “cook” it until it’s done. This may seem like a smart alec answer – let me explain: The art of BBQ and the pitmaster’s skill take into consideration many things. The temperature of the pit, temperature of the meat as it enters the pit, hot & cold spots in the pit, temperature & condition of the wood you’re burning. Different people turn, move, mop, spray, brush, bend, poke & stick their BBQ. The main thing is to constantly watch the meat. Often the meat seems done but really needs another 30 – 60 minutes more to be done right. Brisket cooks until you can turn a fork in it – usually 18hrs. Chicken is smoked to a set temperature – usually 2hrs. The outside weather & inside temperature, as well as the pitmaster’s mood, can all affect the finished product. All of the above explains why so many people don’t really try to do genuine BBQ. It’s much easier to buy it from the person who wanted to get up at 4am to make sure the meat gets done just right.

How Do You Cook Your BBQ?:

Texas-Style Meat Smoker Windy City San MateoAt Windy City, we don’t cook it – we smoke it. If there’s no smoke – there’s no BBQ! Many people confuse grilling with BBQing. Genuine Smokehouse BBQ is smoked low & slow at a 180-250 degree temperature range for a long period. That is 2-1/2 to 18 hours depending on what you’re smoking. Windy City has a custom BBQ pit, made in Texas (where else?) This 2,500lb smoker can turn out up to 1,000lbs of meat at a time, so our smoking capacity can match your group’s appetite. We use 100% post oak for flavor and the only heat source is the indirect use of hot smoke. This produces two things:

  1. The smoke ring BBQ aficionados love to see in the meat, showing that it’s genuine BBQ.
  2. The rich dark pink color that comes from the smoke interacting with the meat.

Your chicken and ribs are NOT undercooked if you see this. Remember, a rosy-pink ham started its life as a white pork shoulder – the smoke makes it beautiful!