Sandwiches and Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs

Vienna Beef hot dogsWhen you say we are full of Bull, you would be right! Our hot dogs are not only 100% Beef but they are 100% Bull meat which gives an even greater texture to the dog. With no fillers or additives, the Vienna Hot Dog is one of the best tasting in the country. With your choice of eleven free toppings and two more premium toppings, you can do a Classic Chicago Dog, or go rogue and create your own.

Vienna Beef was founded in 1893. Austrian-Hungarian immigrants Emil Reichel and Sam Ladany introduced their family frankfurter recipe at the legendary Columbian Exposition. The hot dog was a hit, and Vienna Beef was born.

Chicago Dog

Chicago Specialty Sandwiches

Pork sandwich San Mateo
BBQ pork sandwich shown

“Gimme a Beef” an Italian Beef sandwich with thin rare roast beef, sweet peppers and jiardiniera (Italian relish) leads an array of famous Chicago sandwiches. Add a sausage to a beef to make it a Combo. Vienna is the largest producer in the country of Belly pastrami, so our pastrami sandwiches let you taste the real deal. Nonna’s, Chicago’s best meatballs, makes a very tasty sandwich too and of course we have awesome BBQ sandwiches.