2018 Game 10: Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings

The Bears had quite the game last night and are 7-3 going into Week 12 😍. Thank you to everyone who joined us for their Prime Time 🏈 game against the Vikings! It’s always nice to see Momma Leno and family at Windy City, and this week we had the pleasure of meeting Charles Leno Sr (#72’s father; both parents are in pictures 2 and 3). Made for a fun half-time!

We appreciate all of you and will miss sharing Game 11 with everyone as it falls on Thanksgiving and Windy City will be closed. We hope to see you all again 12/2 when they take on the NY Giants! 🐻⬇️ #BearDown

2018 Game 9: Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions

We had such a great time cheering on the Bears yesterday while feasting on Bubba’s Texas smokehouse BBQ. What a game! Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us for Game 9. 😊🍖🏈

#DaBears are still in 1st going into week 11 and take on the division’s #2 team (Minnesota Vikings) during Prime Time Sunday 11/18. It’s going to be a good one–Hope to see you then! 🐻⬇️