3 Reasons to Go Out for Pizza for a First Date

Why Should You Choose Windy City Pizza for Date Night?


There are few things more exciting (and nerve racking) than the first date! For two individuals who are extremely fond of each other, the first date can still be an awkward experience. It’s true that organizing the date at a fancy fine dining restaurant is a great way to impress your partner, but that also raises the level of pressure for you both. All these challenges can be avoided by simply dining at a cozy San Mateo pizza restaurant instead.

Pizza, which is certainly more upscale than regular fast food, also has the qualities of leaving the other person impressed. Here are three biggest reasons why going out for pizza for the first date is a winning option.

1. It’s Affordable, But Not Considered Cheap

Pizza is the perfect option for a first date because it’s not a “break the bank” date. In spite of being affordable, it will never come off as a cheap date option. If you were to visit an expensive restaurant, and the date doesn’t go well, you just spent a lot of money but won’t see a second date. On the other hand, if your date at the pizza restaurant doesn’t go well, at least you have leftover pizza to take home! Arranging the first date at a Chicago style pizza restaurant means you don’t have much to lose if the date is unsuccessful.

2. Great at Stimulating Conversations

Pizza is a comfort food and pizza restaurants tend to have extremely cozy setups, making them a perfect place for first dates. A great pizzeria will allow its customers to relax without wanting to “turn the table,” you can enjoy a beer, glass of wine or soda, and chat with each other. You have the opportunity to get to know each other, rather than trying to impress each other. After all, the best dates are the ones where you get to unwind and relax over good food and good conversation.

3. Everyone Likes Pizza

When going for a first date, we often don’t know what kind of food the other person likes. This makes pizza an excellent option because finding someone who doesn’t like pizza is hard to come by. If you and your date can’t agree on the toppings, order the pizza half and half! Here at Windy City Pizza and BBQ, we do this all the time. Plus, we have fresh garden salads, great Texas smokehouse BBQ, and more.


Be Sure to Choose the Best Pizza in San Mateo

Once you’ve decided that you’re taking your date out for pizza, be sure to choose the best pizza in San Mateo! At Windy City Pizza and BBQ, you’ll find comfortable seating, a relaxed ambiance, hospitable hosts, 10 beers on tap, flat screen TVs throughout, and delicious Chicago style deep dish pizza. Find us in the Borel Shopping Center at 35 Bovet Road, San Mateo, CA (94402)—one block north of highway 92 and El Camino Real.