How Lunch Catering Boosts Office Morale and Productivity

4 Reasons to Provide Lunch Catering to Your Staff

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Offering your employees lunch catering every week is one of the best ways to motivate them and boost their productivity. Recent studies have shown that employees value this “free gift” and will consider working for a company that provides it. Eventually, the cost of the lunches will be recovered in multiple folds. The increase in employee motivation helps them produce more positive results, thereby improving the company’s bottom line. Here are a few of the reasons why your company should consider offering your employees a catered lunch on a regular basis.

Employees Feel Loved and Appreciated
Providing company-sponsored lunches demonstrates that you value their contribution to the success of your company. In most organizations, it is normal practice to pay for or provide tea, coffee and snacks when dealing with a high profile client. If this is one of your practices, why not show your employees how much you appreciate them by paying for their lunch?

Eating Together Boosts Team Cohesion
Gathering together during lunch time, whether it’s on the company premises or at a San Mateo pizza restaurant, gives members of your team time to talk and create a stronger bond in a relaxed atmosphere. Apart from the team-building, your workers are likely to get more work done immediately after lunch because they will discuss some business and other work related matters at the table.

Employees’ Health Can be Improved
You can improve productivity further by improving the physical well being of your employees through healthy meals. Instead of going out to eat heavily processed and unhealthy fast-food, you can arrange for a meal at Windy City Pizza and BBQ. Our San Mateo BBQ restaurant allows them to choose between pizza (Chicago-style, Veggie or Gluten-free), farm-fresh salads, Texas Smokehouse BBQ or sandwiches, using only the finest ingredients.

Company-sponsored Meals Reduce Stress
Stress is a major inhibitor of productivity. But you can reduce the stress levels of your employees by making good food available in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, when your employees look forward to enjoying a good meal at work, it reduces the time and effort they spend preparing meals in the morning, while cutting down on their grocery and eating out expenses. All important issues in today’s workforce.

Choose Windy City Pizza and BBQ in San Mateo for Your Next Team Lunch

A catered lunch is one of the best ways to motivate your staff towards better productivity. It will help you to keep your best talent and attract more highly qualified employees to your team. Windy City Pizza and BBQ provides a large variety of menu options for a tasty team lunch. Click here to see all of our menu options! Contact us today at (650) 578-1942 or online via our contact form for more information.