Top 4 Ways Windy City Pizza and BBQ Serves Pizza

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Options

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Pizza delivery will never go out of style. You know why? The versatility of pizza makes it a favorite of pretty much anyone with working taste buds. Chicago style pizza? Check. Classic pepperoni pizza? We’ve got that too! Gluten-free, vegan options? As you wish!

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Whether you’re dedicated to the “all you can eat ” diet, or prefer a compassionate, animal-free food plan, our San Mateo pizza restaurant has just what you need. We prepare our pizza 4 ways:

Chicago Style Pizza

The deep dish Chicago style pizza features a classic deep dish crust, incorporating cornmeal, with savory sauce, plenty of cheese and your favorite toppings. Your taste buds will thank you!

Chicago Famous Stuffed Pizza

Come with an empty stomach because you’ll leave full! Take any of our deep-dish pizzas, add an additional thin top crust, smother it with yummy sauce, extra cheese and you’ll have a hearty slice of pizza that will make you wonder whether you’ll ever try another pizza restaurant.

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Thin Pizza

For the diet/weight conscious, enjoy the irresistible pizza flavor without the guilt! Our light and crunchy thin crust pizza comes with generous helpings of cheese and toppings but less of the carbs that you want to avoid. It’s Neapolitan inspired for the Chicago appetites—also known as CHICAGOPOLITAN. For gluten intolerant and vegan/vegetarians, we also have gluten-free piecrust options, and dairy-free cheese.

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Any of our deep-dish pizzas can be buried in our mouthwatering house-made sauce. Just say “make it a redhead,” and prepare to fall in love with this uniquely Chicagoan creation!

Our specialty pizzas are also sure to fit your needs. We have all kinds of variations, from our all meat Piggy Delight, to the veg-heavy Classic Veggie pizza. Our Pit Smoked BBQ pizza features the in-house BBQ smoked pork or chicken, and the Windy City Pizza is a generous combination of veggies and meat including: Salami, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onion & green bell peppers.

Chicago Style Pizza and Texas BBQ All in One Place

Want to try the best pizza in San Mateo? Give Windy City Pizza & BBQ a call and place your order for delivery. Call now at (650) 578-1942. We also offer BBQ and Pizza catering for parties and office lunches! We’ll even make it easy to ensure you have just enough food for everyone. Give us a call today to discuss our options or check out ourcatering menu on our website.