6 Tips for Patio Dining with Your Dog This Summer

Summertime is for the Great Outdoors and Dog-Friendly Patio Dining

The weather in San Mateo has been perfect lately for patio dining, and dog-owners are on the hunt for local restaurants with dog-friendly patios. Most dog-friendly restaurants understand that not all pups have developed their best table manners yet, but here are 6 great tips while dining out with your furry friend.

1. Feed your canine friend before you go

No matter how well trained or good-mannered your dog is, there is no guarantee that he won’t get excited at the smell of Texas BBQ and Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Feeding your dog dinner before leaving home will help ensure that he’s not hungry at the family dinner. Some owners pack a frozen treat or a chewable toy to keep him or her distracted, but we’ll provide them with a tasty treat straight from the smoker.

2. Exercise with a walk or run

Being surrounded by so many people and perhaps other dogs might be too exciting for your dog, which may cause misbehavior. Walking or running your dog before setting out for dinner, minimizes the risk of barking, pacing and trying to jump on your lap while enjoying your meal.

3. Take the leash along

This is a requirement in most pet-friendly restaurants. Having your dog on a leash not only ensures that he doesn’t wander off, but also keeps him from interrupting other diners.

4. Bring a water bowl

Although most pet-friendly restaurants are willing to offer you a bowl of water for your dog (we always do at Windy City!) it’s better to be safe than sorry. Keep the bowl under the table to prevent it from getting knocked over by other diners’ feet.

5. Just relax and have fun

Most pets love leaving the house and it’s normal for them to get excited at a restaurant, in a new environment with other people and smells. Just relax and encourage them to lay under the table next to you–we know you’ll both enjoy dining at Windy City Pizza and BBQ in San Mateo.

6. Verify the restaurant’s pet policy in advance

While more patio restaurants are open to the idea of bringing a pet along, not all of them are dog-friendly. To play it safe, it’s best to call ahead to inquire about the restaurants’ pet policies.

Windy City is THE Place for Dog-Friendly Patio Dining in San Mateo

At Windy City Pizza and BBQ, we are not only a dog-friendly San Mateo pizza and barbecue restaurant, but we also provide your canine friend with treats straight from the smoker to keep him busy and happy while you enjoy your meal. Join us today at 35 Bovet Road, San Mateo, CA. 94402, just off highway 92 and El Camino Real.