Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club 2021 Season Update

An Update to our Chicago Bears Fan Club Members from Trish and Bob

Dear Bears Fans;
All of us on the Windy City team hope you are all staying safe in these tough times.

Since the beginning of 2021, we’ve been looking forward to the upcoming NFL and Chicago Bears season and planning with great delight to see all our BEARS fans at the club at the beginning of the season!

Following the emergence of the Delta variant, the CDC recommendations shifted and San Mateo County issued its August 3 “return to mask mandates indoors” for fully vaccinated people.

All very discouraging when we thought we were coming to the end of this pandemic. So, like everyone, we remain very concerned – for our staff and for everyone coming into Windy City, including our BEARS fans.

COVID Delta Variant Surge in Bay Area Forces Suspension of Watch Parties

Even with the 100% “reopening” of California restaurants on June 15, many of our long-standing, loyal customers are reluctant to eat indoors, electing instead to continue with delivery & pick up…which has kept us afloat these past 18 months. Thank you all! Other customers and friends have been content to eat only on our patio, while many are gradually feeling more comfortable in the dining room/bar, providing there is safe distancing.

With so much uncertainty, we spoke with a close friend and Windy City customer of many years, who is our County’s Infectious Disease Specialist. We didn’t want to hear it but – given how contagious this variant is – she has strongly urged us to reconsider hosting all of you on Sunday mornings for the BEARS season. So, after much thought this weekend, half-heartedly, we decided that was what we have to do.

We know this is disappointing news coming at a time when we all sorely need something positive to look forward to. The BEARS season looks to be SO full of promise and we’re having a tough time reconciling this whole thing. One missed season was bad, but a second is a heart breaker!

We hope you can all understand and will be grateful if you can find a minute to drop us a few words.

Go Bears!

Trish & Bob
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