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Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club – December Update

To Our Bears Fan Club Members from Ronnie, Trish and Bob;

Hello Bears Fans – Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you and your families are safe and healthy!

Let’s talk Bears football! Our crazy season fits right in with this crazy 2020 year, where we were 5 and 1 and then, well, things just fell apart for the next six weeks. We all went from being proud Bears fans to being very frustrated and embarrassed. After all that, we still have a slim chance to make the playoffs. Now Nagy’s job is in jeopardy as well as Pace and our team could be starting over next season. But I’m hoping with our re-shuffled offensive line, and Trubisky playing with a chip on his shoulder, that we may have a shot. Throw in Montgomery becoming the Back we always knew he was and the Offensive Coordinator finally realizing what we have in Cole Kmet and how best to use him, and Graham to compliment Robinson and our young receivers and we’ll get this Offense really moving. If that all comes together, we might just have a shot!

Our Defense came to life against the Texans after the last two games – they are worn out from being on the field too much. If our Offense drives the length of the field and scores, our D is going to be dangerous again. First, we have to beat the Vikings this Sunday – this should be a great game with so much on the line for both teams.

(Update: We did beat the Vikings! A great game and a great win!)

Then we play the Jaguars and finish with the Packers. We can do this! Did I tell you how much I hate the Packers?! I hate the Damn Packers. Hopefully, our Bears redeem themselves and beat them.

I sure miss Windy City Pizza on Sundays and seeing all of you fans. Let’s hope things get back to normal soon and the vaccine helps all of us get our lives back on track.

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Let’s Go Bears! Bear Down! Let’s go Mitch!

Ronnie. D


From Trish & Bob;

We decorated Windy City last week and at the end of the day, when the kitchen crew came through to view our handiwork, the consensus was we all wished our Bears fans and regular customers could be in the house to enjoy a little Holiday cheer! We send our best wishes to all of you for a joyous Holiday Season, despite the tough times we are in. All of us at Windy City are counting our many blessings, grateful that we all remain healthy and safe. Yes, this will be a different Holiday Season but we find joy in the little things and are ever grateful for the community support we continue to receive – all helping keep our little pizza joint afloat until better days.

We miss seeing all of our fans – we miss the camaraderie, the laughs, singing the song, the sense of fun in being together whether our Bears win or lose.

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon. Go Bears!

Trish & Bob

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