Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club Meeting Place

Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club – October Update

To Our Chicago Bears Fan Club Members from Ronnie;

Hello Bay Area Bears Fans!

I hope all of you are doing well and keeping your blood pressure down with all of these Bears games! I wish we could all be at Windy City Pizza enjoying the season together. Unfortunately we can’t, but at least we have Bears football to watch. Here we are at 4-1 and haven’t really hit our potential yet! Our defense is playing pretty well but not great. They are missing a lot of tackles and committing penalties, all of which are driving me crazy! But at least they are making the plays when we really need them to. It’s only a matter of time before Quinn and Mack really start wreaking havoc on the opposing offense, and that’s when the rest of the D benefits.

You all know I’m a Trubisky guy, but as long as the Bears play well and win with Foles that’s what it’s all about – the Team. I was upset when Tarik Cohen was injured and gone for the year, that was a big loss. He will be missed for sure this year. But Cordarrelle Patterson is doing a great job and is exciting to watch, isn’t he? Now, if the offense can really get going. Some of the play-calling by Nagy has had me puzzled. So, it was good to see Foles get so animated on the side line  with Nagy during the Thursday night game, showing his frustration with the tempo of the game. That’s what you want to see from your quarterback – he’s on the field, he knows what’s going to work against the defense and sometimes you have to change the game plan.

We play the Panthers next, this Sunday, October 18. Let’s hope we are 5-1 after that game! Our season gets tougher after that, so hopefully we can avoid injuries and our offense is able to get on a roll. Still haven’t heard if the injury sustained by offensive lineman James Daniels is season-ending or not. He was playing well, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Sad news with the passing of Bears legend Gayle Sayers recently. He was one of my all-time favorite Bears, as with many fans. I was lucky to have met him at the Bears Fan Fest in 2005, when I turned into 8-year-old nervous Ronnie! He couldn’t have been nicer, talking to me and signing a picture.

Well Bears Fans, I just wanted to say hello and let you know we’re thinking about you and hoping you’re all staying healthy and enjoying our 4-1 Bears. I’ve been watching the games in my Bears room with the family, scaring my poor dogs as I scream at the TV much of the time. I would love to see photos of you in your own Bears den. Maybe Trish can post them in a future email or on Windy City’s website – how about you email one or two to her?

Take care everyone and Go Bears!

Bear Down! Thanks, Ronnie D.

From Trish & Bob;

Sundays are definitely not the same without you Bears fans – we miss the camaraderie, the raffle, the fun of being together, the suspense of anticipating another win, singing the song, catching up with all of your news. Yes, indeed, we miss all of you.

Thanks, Ronnie. for the recap of the Bears games this season, yes, we would love to see some fan pics. Email: or

Trish & Bob