Bear Down! Sunday 9/18 5:20PM – Game 2: Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

deep dish pizza san mateo
deep dish pizza san mateo

From Ronnie:

Hello Bears Fans!
Our Bears weathered the first half storm against the 49ers and took over the game in the second half to get the big win…they made my week! Bears looked like they were having fun at the end too, great energy! The message Ryan Poles had for the Bears when he arrived was “And the last thing, the most important piece is we’re gonna take the North and never give it back!” It starts Sunday night against the Packers, time to own Rodgers now! I know it’s on T.V. but come on down to Windy City Pizza so we can all enjoy this one together. I’ve got a good feeling we are going to go into Green Bay and kick some bleep and get it done!

It was great seeing everyone again after two long years. Thanks to Trish and Bob for hosting us since 1998. Wow – time flies! We all appreciated the breakfast foods for the opening game. Always great to see new faces in the house and sad to see fans move away, but the Bears club is going strong and I’m excited to see where our Bears go from here. I look forward to enjoying the season with all of you.
We beat the Niners. Yea! now let’s take care of The Packers Sunday night at 5:20pm.

See you all at Windy City Pizza.
Let’s Go Bears! Bear Down!

Thanks, Ronnie D.

From Trish:

deep dish pizza san mateo

Thanks to all the fans who showed up for the opener – nothing like all being together to see the Bears beat the Niners!

In our fans’ typical generous spirit of camaraderie, we had many great prize additions to the raffle table on Sunday. Big thanks to Cathy (who was at Soldier Field on Sunday), Virgine & Gio (who drive in from Turlock!), and Mario, for donating those terrific prizes. Dan told me last week he was donating the #1 shirt and wanted to raffle it off with proceeds going to the house to help with Windy City’s NFL Sunday Ticket fee (the commercial fee is way more expensive than residential.) No wonder we’ve missed this mid-Western spirit for the past two seasons! So Dan arrived with shirt and his own raffle tickets – ready to go! This is Dan’s project and he’ll be selling tickets at all Sunday morning games for the next several weeks. Please take a photo of your ticket for when we do the drawing. And thanks, Dan, for this great idea.

Go Bears!
Thanks, Trish