Best Pizza and Beer Pairings

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Discusses How to Perfectly Pair Pizza and Beer

©2015 Livzey Photography for Windy City Pizza and BBQ

Since 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second, pizza could definitely be crowned as the most beloved dish in America. Whether you’re craving forbidden carbs, need a cheesy-food fix, want a list minute entree, enjoy the convenience of pizza delivery, or simply need a satisfying and budget-friendly meal, pizza has a way of appealing to a broad array of people.

With the popularity of food and wine pairings, pizza has recently entered the scene of the culinary elite. While some food critics gladly welcome the dynamic duo of pizza and wine, pizza and beer have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with college dorm rooms, football parties, family events and summer picnics. Pizza and beer pairing is an art that requires skill and study to be mastered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best pizza and beer pairings, so you can enjoy a delicious, savory experience every time you visit pizza restaurants.

©2015 Livzey Photography for Windy City Pizza and BBQ

Chicago Style Pizza

Deep dish pizza with its thick, flaky crust, cheesy goodness and generous fillings will deliver a dense and satisfying slice. To ensure that the cheese doesn’t burn during the lengthy baking process, the pizza is assembled upside down with cheese at the bottom, followed by the sauce and desired toppings. An imperial or double IPA from Chicago will stand up nicely to this dense and weighty slice of pizza pie.

Cheese Pizza

Enjoy richness when you combine a malt-forward beer with a simple slice of cheese pizza. An ESB (extra special/strong bitter) has a certain nuttiness that generously compliments this savory slice of pizza. The perfect amount of bitterness and a subtle hint of sweet caramel, pleasantly wash down excess grease, leaving behind a delicate and soft cheesy flavor on the tongue.

Pepperoni Pizza

As common as it is, pepperoni will always have a special pizzazz that only increases when accompanied by a black IPA’s spicy hops and bitter roast. Peppery flavors and the smokiness of sausage only get more potent with the beer’s dark roast, which effectively highlights the delectable flavors.

Veggie Pizza

A vegetarian friendly slice of pizza will stand up to an IPA (from pine to pineapple) that sports earthy and fruity characteristics. Vegetal hops create strong definition among onions and peppers, and the beer’s bitterness fosters a fresh and satisfyingly healthy mouthful of goodness.

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