San Mateo Turns to the Best Pizza for Comfort After the Worst Days

IMG_6826Pizza Restaurants are THE Place for Comfort Food

Pizza is the pinnacle of comfort food according to recent studies. Once again, pizza proves to be the number one “go-to” meal, when people are looking for comfort, a culinary “pick me up,” or just a reason to celebrate!

The recent Harris Poll study showed that 15% of 2,252 adults said that a slice of pizza was their favorite comfort food. Chocolate and ice cream came tied for second place, while mac ‘n’ cheese came in fourth. Pizza also continues to be the most photographed food on instagram and continues to grow in popularity.

One reason pizza remains so popular is because it has the ability to adapt to individuals and regional preferences. Consumers today are looking for unique pizza toppings, more meat options, and they’re even exploring different sauces. The traditional tomato based sauce is starting to lose prominence as newer flavors like Sriracha sauce and garlic cream sauce grow in popularity. The prevalence of celiac disease and gluten intolerance has also made gluten-free pizza options a must-have for consumers. Restaurants like Windy City Pizza and BBQ are addressing current demands by offering gluten free pizza in San Mateo.

In studies where groups were separated by unique demographics like gender, age groups and geography, pizza still ranked number one. While the reasons men and women choose comfort food vary, women tend to turn to pizza when they’re stressed, while men often eat pizza when they’re feeling good.

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