Monday 10/30 10:00AM – Game 8: Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys

From Ronnie:

Hello Bears Fans!

Great win against The Patriots Monday night. By far the best game played by our Bears in all three phases all season. I knew they weren’t about to let Bill Belichick pass our Papa Bear Halas for second most wins all time against us. Wasn’t gonna happen, and like Anna said, “this one is for Virginia,” Papa Bears daughter. I just hope she gets to hoist up her fathers NFC Champs Halas trophy one more time before she leaves this earth. Fun crowd Monday night, thank you for coming down for our last prime time game of the year. It’s all 10:00AM games from here on out starting with this Sunday’s game against Dak and the Dallas Cowboys as Fields and company go on the road wearing the Orange helmets and riding on the momentum of the upset against the Patriots. If we play like we did Monday night we will be back at .500. And right there with the rest of the NFC.

What’s better than a Bears win? A Packers loss! What a week. If you didn’t see last week’s email we are extending the Fields jersey raffle one more week until the Dolphins game on 11/6. Trish and Bob, owners of Windy City Pizza, have to go out of town and would really like to be present for the jersey raffle. If you haven’t gotten in on the raffle yet it’s $5 per ticket this Sunday. Come on down this Sunday to Windy City Pizza, home of The Bay Area Chicago Bears Fan Club since ’98, as Da Bears take down Da Cowboys.
See you all Sunday.

Let’s Go Bears! Bear Down!

Thanks, Ronnie D.

From Trish:

What a difference an amazing win makes! Good to see Anne and Edwin on Hershey Kisses distribution bigtime and sing that song. Nobody wanted to leave Windy City after that game – wanting to relive it all!

Great seeing several old faces – the night games are an opportunity to see those fans who can’t join us on Sunday mornings because of work.

Armondo – good seeing you both after so long and thank you for the jersey and cap for the prize table. Both were snatched right up!
I’ll be missing the camaraderie for the Cowboys game – it’s a high bar now.

Go Bears!