Why Italian Beef Sandwiches are a Must-Have on the Windy City Menu

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Thinly sliced Italian beef ©2015 Windy City Pizza and BBQ
Italian beef sandwiches are a staple of Chicago, in the same way that cheesesteaks represent the great city of Philadelphia. The Italian beef sandwich originated in the Windy City – historians date the sandwich’s inception to the 1930s. Today, vendor carts, local fast food chains, and nearly all Italian-style restaurants offer some variation of this classic sandwich. A 1999 History Channel documentary on specialty foods highlighted the Italian beef sandwich as a quintessential American product.

Here’s how Italian beef sandwiches are made.

A sandwich artisan slices succulent roasted beef as thin as possible, then marinates the beef in its juices. He or she then places it in an Italian roll and tops it with peppers, olives and olive oil. It’s then served with beef pan jus. If your sandwich isn’t saturated with juices and dribbling down your chin, then it technically hasn’t passed muster!

Here at Windy City Pizza and BBQ, we serve our Classic Italian Beef Sandwich with sweet roasted green peppers & HOT Giardiniera relish, in 3 different ways: DRY (thinly sliced beef), WET (dripping in juice) or MESSY (dipped). Each of our Chicago Specialty Sandwiches come with chips, potato salad, slaw or beans. We pride ourselves on making some of the most scrumptious Chicago-style Italian beef sandwiches on the West Coast.

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