Is Deep Dish Pizza Really “Pizza”?

The Debate Between Chicago Style Pizza and Neapolitan Pizza

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Tradition thin “Chicagopolitan” pepperoni pizza alongside a custom-built Chicago style deep dish pizza. ©2015 Windy City Pizza & BBQ
Whether you’re searching for pizza restaurants in San Mateo to schedule a lunch date, or exploring lunch catering in Foster City to surprise a corporate client, you may have heard the buzz about deep-dish pizza. Is it really pizza? Or is it something else entirely?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently rendered a verdict on this question. Per the Chicago Sun Times, Scalia declared that deep-dish was “very tasty, but it’s not pizza.” He declared that “real pizza is Neapolitan… it is thin. It is chewy and crispy.”

The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, agrees. In a recent clip on The Daily Show, Stewart said “let me explain something: deep-dish pizza is not better than New York pizza. It’s not pizza… it’s a [expletive deleted] casserole!” Stewart also called it “tomato soup in a bread bowl.”

While Jon Stewart and Justice Scalia agree, the verdict is far from unanimous. The “deep dish question” has been analyzed by restaurateurs and culinary experts from around the globe, including Andrew Zimmern, Mathieu Palombino, David Posey, and Graham Elliot.

The concept of “pizza” has undergone many revolutions over the past 200 years. So, in some sense, this is a semantic game that no one can officially win. The real questions are: does the pizza tango with your taste buds? Is it leaving you full and craving for more at the same time? The answers depend on what type of pizza you’re craving, but we highly recommend giving deep dish a shot because you’ll never truly know just how good it is until you try ours.

If traditional thin pizzas leave you hungry for more, we have the solution. Our “Chicagopolitan” is light and crunchy, with lots of cheese and toppings! Neopolitan inspired for Chicago appetites.

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