How Deep Dish Pizza Made Chicago Famous

How Did Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Originate?

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When people think of Chicago, many identify with the city’s reputation for being the home of the deep dish pizza. In addition to Chicago Italian sandwiches, this classic Italian dish became a Chicago staple decades ago, but few people know the history of Chicago’s deep dish.

Deep dish pizza distinguishes itself from hand-tossed or thin-crust pies with various unique features, including:

  • Thicker crust. In varying heights, from 2 fingers to even 2 inches, lots of toppings and cheese create a “knife and fork” pizza. You won’t leave hungry!
  • Seasoned pans. The darkened seasoned pans create great taste as well as a beautifully colored crust. The pans in our pizza restaurant have been seasoning for over 30 years!
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  • Longer baking time. While the thick crust requires more time in the oven, the slow-cooked flavors make it worth the wait.

Chicago’s signature dish began when Ric Riccardo and Ike Sewell founded Pizzeria Uno in 1943. At that point, no other restaurants were serving only pizza, but Riccardo and Sewell’s thick, hearty pies quickly gained attention and traction.

From the early days of Pizzeria Uno to today (when a slice of deep dish is available on virtually every block), Chicago has gained worldwide recognition for its traditional Italian delicacy. Although deep dish pizza has changed slightly over time, it still offers the same authentic taste and sense of satisfaction.

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