Deep Dish Pizzas with Modern Twists

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The deep dish pizza is a Chicago icon. Layers of fresh crust, cheese, sauce, and diverse toppings make for an unforgettable pizza, add a second crust with more sauce and cheese and it becomes a stuffed pizza that resembles a classic Sicilian pie.

Is it Casserole or Pizza?

From world renowned chefs to Supreme Court Justices, everyone has their favorite pizza. Deep dish pizza lovers choose deep dish 45% of the time, to 55% for traditional thin. Whether or not you agree, it’s impossible to deny the following pizza-like concoctions sound delectable:

  • Mediterranean delight. Fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, and black olives atop a layer of homemade sauce are the perfect foundation for a Mediterranean-inspired deep dish. Try this pie with your favorite meat topping or additional vegetables to create a new experience at each sitting.
  • Chicago’s famous spinach pie. A favorite among vegetarians, spinach deep dish pie is both meat-free and rich in flavor. Spinach and mushroom compliment each other well, and the aroma of Parmesan cheese heightens the taste experience.
  • Pit-smoked BBQ. Irresistible to any meat lover, pit-smoked chicken or pork paired with BBQ sauce, onion, and cheddar cheese takes comfort food to a new level. Inspired by Texas style barbecue, this hearty deep dish is not to be missed.

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