Dog Friendly Restaurants Are In! Is Your Dog Ready?

Dog Friendly Restaurants Welcome Amiable and Well-Behaved Dogs

dog-friendly-restaurant-german-shepherd California laws that once prohibited non-service dogs from entering restaurants are changing, and an increasing number of outdoor seating restaurants are welcoming well-behaved dogs – as long as the dogs follow some commonsense rules. They can’t sit on chairs or eat off of plates or the table and they can’t disturb other dogs or people.

Is your canine ready to accompany you on your visits to your favorite patio seating restaurants?

Take an honest look at your four-legged friend. Can he sit or lie down calmly for an extended period of time when surrounded by people and other dogs? Does she get excited around strangers or in situations where there is a lot of noise? Can your dog refrain from barking or snapping at others?san-mateo-golden-retriever-staring-at-bbq

If you think your dog is ready, take a few simple steps to ensure that your visits to your neighborhood dog friendly restaurants will be smooth and trouble-free.

  • Make sure your dog has plenty of exercise and food before you reach the restaurant. Bringing a wound-up or hungry dog to a noisy, food-filled, and unfamiliar place can be distressing to your furry companion.
  • Bring water, a water bowl and a toy along to keep your best bud happy. 
  • When you arrive, always keep the leash on, even if your pooch is extremely well behaved. 

These steps will help ensure that you, other diners, and your dog all have a lovely time at the restaurant.patio-seating-restaurants-san-mateo-dog-eating-bbq

Windy City Pizza Offers Dog Friendly Outdoor Seating!

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