Windy City Pizza BBQ Pickup Safety Standards

Ensuring Customer and Food Safety during the Coronavirus Crisis

During the weeks of sheltering in place, folks are ordering food to take a break from cooking, and to support local restaurants like Windy City. We very much appreciate all the support we have received from our loyal customers. But it’s natural to be concerned about the safety of ordering in food while trying to practice social distancing to stay healthy.

As quoted in an April 13 article on the Food Network:

“Health authorities affirm that there is no evidence that food or food packaging is causing the spread of coronavirus,” said Tamika Sims, PhD, Director of Food Technology Communications at the International Food Information Council (IFIC).

These are the precautions Windy City is taking to ensure our customers are protected during no-contact order pickup:

  • At our front door we have stationed bleach spray and paper towels. We spray door handles frequently throughout the day but if customers choose to do the same before touching door handle, please do so.
  • Upon entering the restaurant everyone must use hand sanitizer. Marked pump dispensers are placed at the pickup counter and in front of the blackboard next to menus.
  • Customers are invited to take bleach wipes from a dispenser at the counter to use on their credit card, keypads, car keys, steering wheel, etc.
  • In the restaurant, marks on floor approaching the pickup counter ensure customers practice social distancing by keeping safe space between one another. And, no lingering once the order is picked up! Off you go!
  • Restrooms are off limits to all but our employees
  • Many customers order ahead and pay with a credit card, which allows them to stay in their car and use curbside pickup or our “trunk drop” service. You call us from your car, pop the trunk and let our employee place the order there and close the trunk. Off you go!

For Employees:

Mandates for our staff are gloves, masks, more frequent than normal hand washing/sanitizing, maintaining distance (keeping the counter between employees and customers.)

Overall in the Store:

  • Bleach wipes in constant use on all counter tops, door handles and the laminated menus
  • Kitchen prep/counter tops are removed nightly; surfaces soaked overnight in bleach solution (This was standard operating procedure prior to the emergency)
  • Knives, spatulas all washed in high temperature dishwasher
  • All equipment bleached sprayed nightly
  • Tiled kitchen floor bleached nightly
  • Windy City maintains a bi-monthly pest control service. Using only ecologically-friendly products, they enter the premises at 5am to rigorously implement best practices endorsed by the National Pest Management Association.

The safety of Windy City Pizza customers and staff is paramount.

Food ordered in has become a top diversion while sheltering in place, and we are committed to ensuring that activity carries little risk!

How may we serve you with a no-contact delivery or pickup order?