Farm-Fresh Dining: Salad Toppings to Try This Summer

Windy City Pizza and BBQ Delivers Delicious Suggestions!

Farm-Fresh Dining San MateoProduce gets exciting in summer, especially if you have access to a farmer’s market. When you put the newest fresh ingredients into your salads, you bring summer to your table. Here are a few suggestions for enlivening your summer salads and bringing farm-fresh dining to your table.


The early sweetness of freshly shelled peas is a wake-up from the earthy, heavier flavors of winter. Just released from their pods, these sweet green pearls tossed raw into a salad give flavor and texture to complement more savory notes and more delicate components. Cooked lightly, they have less tooth and brighter color. Try adding fresh mint to the cooking water.

Julienned Carrots

Julienne raw or steamed carrots, depending on your salad. Mix them in, arrange them with other goodies at the edge of the plate, or sprinkle them on top. Just be sure the carrots are the freshest. Although carrots are a root crop that stores well, just-picked carrots are special.

Fresh Herbs

The availability of dried herbs in jars should never deceive us into forgetting how fresh herbs can transform a simple salad, be it a green one or a lettuce-free Niçoise, pasta, bean, or potato salad. If you have even a balcony to grow herbs on, you can have the zing of freshly picked herbs to hand at a moment’s notice. The worth-it factor is huge. Fresh basil leaves added to vinaigrette give it a savory mellowness. Dill is classic with a basic cucumber-tomato side as well as with potato salad. Tossing boiled pasta, tiny potatoes, or beans with oil, salt, and fresh herbs—maybe a mix of tarragon, thyme, sage, and parsley—makes a component you can prepare ahead of time and throw into nearly any salad at the last moment to mouthwatering effect.

Grilled Things!

Grilling intensifies the flavors of a great variety of foods. Here at Windy City, grilled chicken can be added to any of our salads, punching up the flavor and the protein. (Keep this in mind when you order our lunch catering!) Try your own grilling for salads, and don’t limit yourself to the conventional! Brand-new carrots, asparagus, radishes, spring onions, summer squash, and sugar snap peas are starting to hit the markets now, and all can be grilled as additions to a salad or for a dish on their own. Be careful with summer squash – don’t try tossing large grilled slices into a mixed salad, where they can be wrecked; use small slices or chunks of the ‘firmer’ sections, or lay larger pieces out in an arranged presentation. And for a real flavor kick, try grilling oil-brushed apricots and putting them in a vinaigrette salad with assertive greens like arugula (rocket) or spinach, grilled spring onions, and ham or walnuts.

Cherry Tomatoes
Farm-to-Table Dining IngredientsIt’s too early yet for the substantial, richly flavored garden tomatoes of summer. But cherry tomatoes are here in all their tangy glory. At Windy City we’re crazy about cherry tomatoes and use them in several of our salads, partly because they are a great, bright counterpoint to the cheese in pizza!

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Which brings us to our final recommendation: whether you’re dining in with us, or ordering Texas-style barbecue or deep dish pizza delivery, or opting for event catering by the team here at Windy City Pizza and BBQ, don’t forget to add the salad! Stop in and dine with us today, or place your order online for delivery or pick up, or give us a call at (650) 578-1942.