A Field Guide to Regional BBQ Styles in America

The Four Main Styles of Barbecue

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Barbecue restaurants have long been an American favorite, but the best styles and cooking methods for BBQ are still up for debate and decided only by one’s personal preference. At Windy City Pizza and BBQ, we love Texas ‘Q and undergo a rigorous process to ensure that every bite is near perfection. Of course Texas BBQ is our favorite, but just in case you’re curious about the differences between other barbecue styles out there, we’ve compiled a quick summary of the main four barbecue styles.

Texas BBQ

Beef is the star of Texas smokehouse BBQ. The sauces and sides are just supporting characters. Texas BBQ has strong influences of Czech and German immigrants. Today, central Texas has a large number of meat markets which like to serve generous portions of brisket and ribs that are smoked over pecan or oak wood. The accompanying sauces are often spicy & tangy with a tomato base and a splash of sweetness.

Memphis BBQ

In Memphis, they cook their meat in a big pit and serve it with tangy and thin tomato-based sauce. Pork is a favorite, and it typically comes in rib or pulled form. This style of BBQ uses a dry rub that includes garlic, paprika and other spices.

Carolinas BBQ

Also pork lovers, in the Carolinas they brush their meat with a spice and vinegar mixture. Then they serve it with a ketchup-based sauce. You’ll see Lexington-style BBQ, which uses the pork shoulder and ribs, as well as Eastern-style BBQ, which cooks the entire pig.

Kansas City BBQ

You’ll get all kinds of meat in Kansas, and no part of it is off limits. Meat is also cooked very slowly at very low temperatures (“low and slow”) on top of hickory wood. A thick, sweet molasses and tomato concoction is served alongside it.

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