Four Main Styles of Barbecue

How BBQ Styles Vary Across the U.S.  

san mateo BBQ restaurantsNo matter where in the country you are from, virtually every American loves good barbecue. This cooking tradition, characterized by the meat being cooked by the hot smoke produced by burning logs, is cherished from coast to coast in various forms.

In the United States, the four distinctive barbecue styles include:

  • Carolina. This barbecue style likes to go “whole hog,” from the ribs to the entire pig. The tangy, spicy sauce is often thin and clear or light in color.
  • Memphis. Savory and spicy, Memphis style barbecue heavily utilizes pork butt and pork ribs. Mop is applied to baste the meat while cooking, resulting in a less messy dining experience. However, diners often enjoy dipping their meat into Memphis-style sauce, which can be described as tangier and thinner than other styles.
  • Kansas City. Kansas-style barbecue sauces are tomato-based and sweet; pitmasters in the region also use a dry rub and a mop using molasses, vinegar, and ketchup. Brown sugar plays an important role in this style, which places its emphasis on chicken, pork, and pork ribs.
  • Texas. In Texas smokehouse BBQ, it’s all about the beef. From ribs to brisket, the meat first undergoes a mustard rub and is mopped every half hour to maintain moisture and flavor. Sauces contain everything from spices to beer to coffee to meat drippings. Texas BBQ is our signature cooking style, utilizing a custom-built Texas pit smoker to cook amazing 18-hour brisket, chicken and pork.

Our motto… “Where there’s no smoke, there’s no BBQ”

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