Fun Facts and Trivia About Pizza

Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Pizza?

For many Americans, your local pizza restaurant might as well be on speed dial. Just think of the times dinner has arrived to your doorstep, wrapped in a large, warm, somewhat-greased-stained box. It’s pure happiness, right? Aside from pizza’s obvious importance to society, there is a rich, often untold history behind this household favorite. Check out these fun facts to take a deeper look into this tasty, favorite-food.

  • National Pizza Month has been celebrated every October since 1987.
  • Nearly 3 Billion pizzas are sold within the United States annually.
  • Americans love pizza! Studies show that we eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or 350 slices every second.
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  • In 1905, New York was the first state to open a pizza restaurant. It was called Lombardi’s.
  • Pizza was mostly associated with and eaten by the working class and poor Italian immigrants during the early 20th century in the US.
  • After World War 2, pizza popularity skyrocketed, largely due to the returning soldiers who had a craving for this Italian classic.
  • A poll from Gallup suggest that kids between the ages of 3 to 11 prefer pizza over all other foods during lunch and dinner.
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  • According to Bella Wines, women are twice as likely to order vegetable toppings on pizza than men.
  • Pizza began in pre-refrigeration times of Italy. Closely related to focaccia bread, housewives were known to pound dough into a thin crust and top it with leftovers… Anything goes when it comes to pizza toppings!
  • Pizza was originally a peasant food and was primarily used to make use of the fresh, available produce so that it wouldn’t be spoiled and wasted.
  • Peasants in Naples, Italy are credited with being the first to add tomatoes to pizza.
  • According to Kraft Foods, more pizza is eaten during the Super Bowl week, than any other week of the year.

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