Windy City Pizza in San Mateo Now Dishing Gluten Free Pizza!

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Announces Gluten Free Menu Option

Cheese Pizza with Gluten Free Crust ©2015 Windy City Pizza and BBQ

If you are gluten intolerant, you can probably relate to the following scenario: You’ve just scarfed down a hearty slice of cheesy, pepperoni pizza. While the delicious aftertaste is still lingering — suddenly, unwanted rumbling and churning produces knots and discomfort in your midsection. Bloated, uncomfortable, drowsy and lightheaded, you wonder how something so delicious could produce such misery.This is the sad reality of anyone who is allergic to gluten. With reactions this severe, people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance may have mentally resigned themselves to the sad reality of a pizza-less life; but we have great news! As a restaurant offering a gluten-free alternative, we specialize in tasty, high-quality pizza that is both satisfying to the senses and “gluten-free friendly”. Want even better news? Our gluten free pizza is more delicious than you could have hoped it would be!

Unlike many gluten-free pizza crusts, our option is actually yummy and appetizing — by far the best around! Yes, some pizza restaurants are also offering gluten-free crusts, but we underwent extensive research and testing to determine the best possible options around. We settled on Udi’s, and are thrilled to serve it at our San Mateo pizza restaurant.

When you visit our restaurant or opt for pizza delivery, you have the option of choosing the “3 Cheese Pizza” with thin crust. You can also add whatever toppings you like for an additional cost per topping. If you’re interested in cutting out dairy or embrace a vegan, plant-based diet, we are also pleased to carry dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options with our Daiya vegan cheese. Daiya offers creamy and robust cheese flavors without the guilt. Free from lactose and any milk derivatives, Daiya cheese is a delicious and healthy answer to dairy-free living.

Windy City Pizza Caters to Your Dietary Restrictions

Whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, or all of the above, Windy City pizza has a place for you! Visit us in San Mateo (on El Camino Real, 1 block North of highway 92 in the Borel Square Shopping Center) or call us at (650) 578-1942 to place an order of spectacular pizza that will satisfy your taste buds and preserve your health. You can also order online for delivery or pickup.