A Guide to Regional BBQ Styles in the US

Texas style bbq San MateoCombine the pitmaster’s skills, the beauty of smoke, culinary tradition and what do you get? The perfect barbecue! Take a trip around the US with our new guide and discover the different BBQ styles throughout these major BBQ regions.


Texas smokehouse BBQ, a Windy City Pizza and BBQ specialty, offers the best of cattle country. The barbecue style is usually synonymous to beef brisket, where meat is put in a pit and smoked for 18 hours. A pink smoke ring and rub-crusted bark provides the best taste of Texas.

In East Texas, pork is employed as often as beef. It’s then served chopped, and placed on a bun with hot sauce.

Brisket is primarily served on its own in Central Texas, without sauces.  Sandwiches are topped with pickled onion and dill chips.

West Texas has BBQ meat cooked cowboy-style over a mesquite wood open pit, typically sauceless.

Mexican flavors wrap around South Texas barbecue, which is cooked the traditional way. Barbacoa de cabeza is prepared from a cow’s head, more specifically the cheeks, then covered in maguey leaves, then buried along with hot coal.


Memphis barbecue is distinguished by its use of heavy smoke while the meat is slowly cooked in a chamber next to a wood fire. This unique style brings out the rich flavors of the meat. The pork selections are served either pulled or as a rack of ribs.  Both options feature wet and dry rubs. Wet rubs are made from a thin tomato-vinegar base that produces a sticky, sweet and tangy barbecue sauce to be slathered on the meat after smoking. Dry or spice-rub is a medley of salt, oregano, celery seed, paprika, black and cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powder seasonings.

North Carolina

The freshest pork is everywhere across the Carolinas. Eastern style barbecue is typically represented by a whole hog smoked over a hickory pit, then chopped and served. Its sauce is the perfect blend of mild vinegar, water, salt, and hot black peppers. The Western North Carolina dip incorporates brown sugar, tomato paste, purée form, or simply ketchup.

South Carolina

South Carolina barbecue, like North Carolina’s succulent offerings, is often made with pork. The traditionally uses all four barbecue sauce varieties–light tomato, heavy tomato, vinegar, pepper sauce, and the classic mustard-based sauce that delightfully satiates barbecue purists.

Kansas City

Known as the world’s barbecue capital, Kansas City is home to hundreds of barbecue restaurants so you can be sure that there’s never a shortage of meat. Traditional barbecue may be made of pork, beef, chicken and sausage. The meat is slowly smoked over hickory wood and covered with generous amounts of tomato sauce. Moist, tender and smoky burnt ends cut from pork brisket or smoked beef is a staple in regional KC-style barbecue.

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