A History of Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza

Rudy Malnati and the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Restaurants – Chicago’s Gift to the World of Pizza

Deep dish pizza has a coveted place for itself in the hearts of many pizza lovers. But who could resist a thick, buttery crust smothered in rich, savory sauce, mounds of luscious cheese and succulent pieces of meat? With deep dish pizza, the tomato sauce is purposely slathered on top, hot to the touch and deep, while the filling sits comfortable on a mound of soft and flaky pizza crust. The very description of this inverted pizza is enough to make your mouth water.

But just like many great American dishes, the origins of this eye-popping creation began as a whimsical experiment and eventually took pizza restaurants by storm. The earliest sightings of this style of pizza are traced back to 1943, in a Chicago restaurant called Pizzeria Uno.

Pioneer of deep dish pizza and owner, Rudy Malnati was passionate about creating traditional and authentic food with fresh ingredients and his pursuit of perfection extended to his deep dish innovation. When Pizzeria Uno opened in 1943, deep dish pizza was handed out for free on the sidewalk, since people weren’t buying. The idea of a fulfilling, heavy pizza dish was a new concept, but Malnati took pizza, which was commonly eaten as a snack, and gave it new life as a main course.

Deep dish pizza requires skill and technique to make. Cooked in a round steel pan that resembles a cake or pie, the dough is made from semolina or wheat flour, and contains canola oil or butter — lending to a flakey, buttery-flavored crust. The dough is purposely layered against the side of the pan, which creates a deep basin where the cheese, filling and sauce live. Rudy Malnati Jr., describes the difficulty of this pizza making process:

The deep dish pizza is hard to handle; you have to do it right from beginning to end, from making the dough to ensuring the crust rises correctly.

Today deep dish pizza can be found all around the nation, from Chicago to New York, all the way to the San Francisco Bay Area. Although the deep and heavy nature of this inverted pizza requires a longer baking time, the best restaurants will offer pizza delivery options for your deep dish cravings, so precious time isn’t spent waiting in a restaurant for your pizza fix.

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