Pizza Restaurant Shares Tips to Avoid Letting your Homemade Pizza Go To The Dogs

Pizza Restaurant Tips to Make a Great Homemade Pizza


Dog friendly restaurants, like Windy City Pizza, are great options for you and man’s best friend, but you may not always have a chance to get out of the house. Depending on where you are in the Bay Area, you may not be able to get our pizza delivered. Chicago-style deep dish pizza, or even our “Chicagopolitan,” isn’t easy to replicate at home, but here are some tips for the college try.

As delicious as pizza can be, if you end up committing these common mistakes, the pizza may end up going to the dog. Are you interested in making some delicious homemade pizza? Follow tried and true pizza restaurants’ tips to avoid some common culinary mishaps:

Temperature is Too Low

350°F is a pretty standard temperature, but it does not work well with pizzas. If you bake pizza dough at a low temperature, your pizza will come out soggy and limp with overcooked toppings. The best pizzas bake in a hot oven. So go on — crank it up to 425°F or higher! You’ll be glad you did.

Too Much Cheese

It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s possible. Too much cheese usually leads to excessive amounts of grease, which can really assault the taste buds. If you go too heavy on the cheese, your pizza could potentially fall apart under the weight. Add just enough cheese to cover the sauce.

Dough is Too Thin

Thin crust pizza is a great healthy option, but make the dough too thin, and you’ll think you are eating a cracker. Also, if you roll the dough too thin, you may end up tearing the dough all together, which will make it very difficult to support cheese, toppings and sauce. Roll out your dough to the desired thinness, but not to the point that it starts to look weak.

Not Precooking Toppings

Not all toppings need to be precooked but some do, namely meats and chicken. To avoid chewy, uncooked (not safe) toppings, precook the meats and chicken before you place them on top of the unbaked pizza.

Pizza Delivery is a Great Backup if Your Pizza Doesn’t Turn Out

With over 25 years of pizza-making magic, we know that tasty pizza is partly good ingredients and partly technique. Try these tips the next time you want to cook a pizza from scratch and you’ll end up with much better results. If you want to take the easy route and order pizza delivery, call Windy City Pizza and BBQ today at (650) 578-1942 or click here to order online.