Is Gluten-Free Pizza Better for You?

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Offers Gluten-Free

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Talks Gluten-Free Diets and Pizza

Gluten-free is a common buzz word today. With the widespread awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, many people are adapting to the gluten-free diet, even without having the disease or intolerance. There are even blogs and books dedicated to helping make the transition. At Windy City Pizza & BBQ, we’re happy to offer vegan and gluten-free pizza for our diet-restricted guests. But does it mean that something is automatically better for you if it’s free of gluten? If you have Celiac Disease, that is definitely the case. However, what if you aren’t gluten insensitive? Should you still avoid gluten? The answer to that question depends on the person.

There is a common myth that cutting out gluten will automatically link to weight-loss. This may be the case for individuals with a real gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, but for others is usually not the case. Unless eating gluten-free leads to making healthier choices, eating overly processed sugary gluten-free foods can still lead to weight gain. Going gluten-free with your pizza delivery isn’t the same as going low-cal or low-carb, since you’re still eating cheese, sauce, and most likely other tasty toppings.

With that said, going gluten-free can have a number of health benefits. If you choose to embrace a gluten-free diet as a healthier alternative, you discover that many other satisfying whole grains exist that are fiber-rich, delicious and nutritious. Experimenting with lentils, beans, quinoa, rice and other grains have lasting health benefits. If you get into gluten-free baking you’ll also find that alternate flours like coconut, garbanzo, almond or quinoa flour are filled with nutritional benefits. With the right amount of planning and awareness, gluten-free can be a great option for anyone.

Our San Mateo Pizza Restaurant is Your Go-To for Gluten-Free Pizza

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