Lunch Catering and Other Ways to Give Thanks to Your Employees

Office Holiday Celebrations are a Breeze with Catered Office Lunches


Happy employees make productive employees. When employees are shown respect and appreciation they are more likely to put the extra effort in to be an asset for your business. Managers might be tempted to believe that a consistent paycheck is recognition enough for employees; but everyone needs an occasional reminder that their work is recognized. Putting in extra effort to appreciate workers might be the fuel that drives them to go the extra mile for your business. History supports this finding. The Division of Human Resources at Florida International University conducted research that reveals the benefits of employee appreciation. Happy employees will:

  • Take more pride and ownership of work.
  • Feel that their work is recognized.
  • Go above what is required of them to complete a task.
  • Improve relationships with peers and co-workers.
  • Become more receptive to constructive criticism.
  • Increase company loyalty.
  • Create and nurture a positive uplifting atmosphere where praise is normal.
  • And be more content with their work life.

With Thanksgiving only a week away, what better way to show appreciation for valued workers than a complimentary lunch catering event? You don’t have to rack up a huge bill to demonstrate thankfulness to employees. Simply providing an unexpected free meal is enough to make anyone feel appreciated and recognized.

For low budget catering options, consider pizza delivery. It’s convenient, affordable, tasty and a favorite among most Americans. At Windy City Pizza, we also offer delicious gluten free and vegan options, which makes it a great choice for anyone—no matter what their dietary constraints may be. Consider starting a “Pizza Friday” tradition to keep company spirit high, encourage bonding between employees, and increase employee satisfaction year around.

For special occasions like Thanksgiving and alike Holidays, a higher-end catering option is ideal. To add to the element of surprise, go for something unconventional yet delectable like Texas BBQ, which can also be delivered directly to your office.

We offer tender, juicy, Texas Smokehouse Barbecue that is sure to become the office favorite. For a variety of options, place an extra order of Chicago-Style Pizza, which marries layers of savory sauce, flavorful meat, crushed tomatoes, artisanal flour and premium Wisconsin cheese into a culinary masterpiece. With food this appetizing, your efforts to show appreciation to your employees will make a lasting impression.

Show Your Appreciation With Lunch Catering from Windy City Pizza and BBQ

We’re happy to discuss office catering options and take all the guesswork out of a menu that’s perfectly suited to a variety of employees’ tastes and dietary needs. Check out our catering menu here, then give us a call to plan your event! To place an order for some of the best pizza and BBQ delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Windy City Pizza today at: (650) 578-1942 or Order Online.