Pork Meat Prices Rise Windy City BBQ

Why are BBQ Meat Prices Going Through the Roof?

Meat prices have been rising dramatically. The recent ransom hacking of JBS, one of the world’s largest meat processors, put meat prices in the headlines, but restaurants like Windy City have been seeing supply constraints and big price jumps for months. The hacking episode merely made the situation worse!

Meat Prices for our BBQ Dishes Have Risen Dramatically in 2021

Meat price volatility made menu pricing for Windy City very difficult to hold down, and because the trend is not likely to reverse itself anytime soon, we have had to increase menu prices.

A number of factors drive the rise in pricing for our meat products:

  • Beef, pork and poultry prices have been changing every few days, with the trend always increasing! This made it impossible to hold the line with our current menu pricing.
  • Pork ribs are up 54% at retail! Beef ribs are up 22%. Brisket is holding for now but we’re told the price will go up in the very near future.
  • Meat packing plants have a serious labor shortage to process a shrinking inventory of animals.
  • China has dramatically increased its purchase of pork and poultry, even as supply remains tight.
  • The recent hacking and other shocks severely disrupted supply chains. We may be dealing with the aftermath for as many as 12 months.
  • Large fast-food chains are buying up all the chicken wings and breasts they can get their hands on. It is tough for independents like Windy City to compete with that buying power.
  • We may have to stop all third-party (Door Dash, Uber, Grub Hub, LYFT) business as their commission rates are unsustainable, especially once pandemic price controls put in place by San Mateo County are lifted this month.

IF YOU ARE ORDERING WINDY CITY BBQ, PLEASE ASK THE PRICE. We understand Windy City will lose some business in this environment, but we promise to keep prices as low as we can and hope this situation improves soon.

Windy City BBQ Holds Price Increases to the Minimum as Meat Prices Rise

Bottom line? It’s a sad day at the Windy City BBQ Pit!

Bubba, Pitmaster