Monday 11/6 10:00AM – Game 9: Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys

From Ronnie:

Hello Bears Fans!

Well if that loss against Dallas wasn’t bad enough I just got an alert that Roquan Smith was traded to the Ravens. Mondays are great when we win but when we lose and then this news, well that just hurts. I understand the business side and the money but damn, he was a great player. Big shoes to fill and now we will see rookies Jack Sanborn and Sterling Weatherford try to fill the void and get their shot to prove they belong in the NFL. Our Bears are back home this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins and our Offense is starting to put points on the scoreboard. Our defense is gonna be the deciding factor in this game. We need them to just play their best football and we will have a shot. It’s gonna be a challenge going against Miami Receivers Hill and Waddle, time for our rookies Brisker and Gordon to step up. Game time is 10:00AM so come on down to Windy City Pizza, home of the Bay Area Bears Fan Club and cheer on our Bears.

Hard to believe we are half way through the season already. I’m gonna believe in what Poles is doing with the Bears and his belief that we build within the draft. We now have 9 picks next year and are going to be around $134 million in salary cap space (best in the NFL), which will help our Bears build a championship team, so let’s have fun watching the growth and development of this young team and just keep rooting for our Bears.
Hope you all had a fun Halloween.

Let’s Go Bears! Bear Down!

Thanks, Ronnie D.

From Trish:

I watched Sunday’s Cowboys game during the flights home from Oklahoma City – pretty sad! Thanks to Anne and Edwin for handling the photos.
See you all Sunday.

Go Bears!