Why Mozzarella Is, Hands Down, the Best Cheese for Pizza

When it Comes to the Best Pizza, it’s All About the Cheese

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Every day, 1 in 8 Americans chow down on pizza. Really, who could blame these folks? Pizza is a magnificent food! The cheese of choice most commonly used is mozzarella, which gives pizza an authentic flavor that no other cheese does. But why, exactly, does mozzarella make the best pizza? Why don’t people use, for instance, Gorgonzola or blue cheese?

Pizza restaurants and delivery places know that mozzarella melts and bubbles better than any other cheese. When baking, water evaporates from the cheese, releasing steam. This is what causes cheese to bubble. Since mozzarella is so stretchy, these bubbles expand, and the cheese at the top of the bubble begins to brown.

Essentially, the best pizza cheese has bigger bubbles and a higher browning surface. Cheeses with lower elasticity, like cheddar, don’t bubble as much. Oilier cheeses, like Gruyere, bubble but don’t brown. Mozzarella beats out all other cheeses in this aspect.

Food scientists are trying to further understand the chemical and physical properties of different cheeses to determine what makes some better than others for certain applications. Further research may grant them the ability to change the properties of food, possibly even producing low-fat cheese that tastes just as good as its higher-fat cousins. By understanding the food structurally, scientists may be able to create a pizza that’s filling, delicious and won’t increase your waistline!

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