The Best Way to Order from Windy City Pizza and BBQ

As we enter the Holiday season, all of us at Windy City Pizza and BBQ wish to thank all of you for the support and loyalty so many of you have shown by ordering lunches and dinners for takeout or delivery over the last nine (!) months of pandemic shutdown!

As we work hard to survive the temporary closing of the Windy City dining room and bar, every order makes a difference in keeping the doors open until we can safely welcome everyone back!

Third-Party Delivery Apps Take a Big Percentage of Our Takeout and Delivery Revenue

One hurdle to ensuring the survival of local restaurants is the fees third-party delivery services like DoorDash, UberEats and GrubHub charge for their services. It is no secret that those fees can add up to 30% of the check on many orders!

This is why we encourage all of our customers to order from us directly! It is one major way our customers can help us survive this crisis:

  • Call us at 650-578-1942. Not only can we take your order directly, we can answer menu questions and suggest alternatives. Plus, hearing our phones ring always lifts our spirits as we work through this extended pandemic shutdown!
  • Use Windy City’s in-house on-line ordering system, HungerRush. Orders placed through HungerRush do not incur any third party fees!

Two more key points:

  • By placing your order directly with us, you help Windy City keep our three hard working delivery drivers employed!
  • Because our drivers are employees, we have more control over delivery of your order. Drivers are on site, standing by, so your food is delivered still hot in our thermal bags. A third-party delivery person might not use thermal bags and could have multiple orders to deliver before you get your food.

Of course, if you prefer the convenience of using your favorite phone ordering app, please continue to do so! We always appreciate your business, and are working hard to make those economics work!

To quote from a recent article about third-party delivery apps:

“The other thing about these food-delivery companies, whether it’s Grubhub or DoorDash, is that they drive restaurant owners mad. When cities around the country shut down and restaurant owners turned to takeout and delivery, food-delivery platforms were roundly criticized for the perception that they were taking advantage of a crisis in an industry. Restaurant owners saw business evaporate overnight, and many, if not all, delivery companies maintained exorbitant fees, leading to local caps in San Francisco and, eventually, New York.”

San Mateo County Puts Limits on What Delivery Apps Can Charge

Windy City – and all local restaurants – got some very good news in mid-November. The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors has joined cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and others in approving a cap on the fees that a delivery service platform can charge restaurants.

  • For deliveries, fees are capped at 15% of the cost of delivery orders and fees for non-deliveries/takeout at 10% per order.
  • The cap is effective until June 30, 2021 or until the state of emergency is lifted.
  • There is also a provision that the Delivery Service Platform cannot make up the difference by reducing the gratuity made to the driver. Additionally, a customer may choose to provide a gratuity directly to the business.

Once implemented, this could half the fee that some of the third-party apps charge. Fifteen percent is still a fairly large charge, but much more manageable than 30%!

Stick with Windy City Pizza and BBQ, and we will stick with you!

We all look forward to better days in 2021, with good news about vaccines giving us hope that there is an end to this troubling time sometime next year. Until then, we soldier on, baking pies and smoking meat to serve the best Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and Texas-style BBQ you can find in the San Francisco Bay Area!
Thank you everyone, and we hope to hear from you all (by phone and HungerRush!) very soon!