Pizza Turncoat [Excerpt from American Way]

In New York, the Term Deep Dish Represents Betrayal

Illustration by Kyle T. Webster via American Way, March 2016

Modern day New Yorkers take a lot of pride in their pizza; so much so, that almost everyone has had a New York Style pizza at one point or another. However, with this great pride comes an intense debate. Deep dish pizza has become the case of much duress on the streets of New York.

This is an excerpt from one of our favorite deep dish pizza stories that we found in American Way’s March 2016 issue:

I have a secret. Apart from a few misguided years lost in other locales, I have lived the last two decades in New York City, which even by the standards of the harshest metric makes me a New Yorker.

Anyway, about a decade ago, I spent a summer in Chicago. During that time, I sampled the weird creation known as the deep-dish pie, with its flaky bowl of crust laden with absurd amounts of cheese and topped with a layer of chunky tomato sauce.

New Yorkers are brutally dismissive of Chicago-style pizza. They call it sacrilege. They call it lasagna. They call it everything but what it is: freakin’ delicious.

My budding addiction to the stuff became a problem when I moved back home.

But deep in that highly active part of my brain where pizza desires are stored, there was unrest — and I couldn’t shake it. I wanted to taste that flaky Chicago crust, to pull off that athletic maneuver where you lift a slice over your head in order to extricate the springy strings of glorious, melted mozzarella from the mother pie, to afterward feel that languid fullness which must be Mike Ditka’s daily state.

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