Tips for Consistently Great Tasting Barbecue

San Mateo BBQ Restaurant’s Pointers for Great Grilling

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To create great tasting barbecue – the kind that everyone remembers and raves about for weeks afterwards – you really need to get familiar with your grill’s quirks. Every grill performs slightly differently, depending on temperature and even ambient conditions and humidity. The grill’s ability (or lack thereof) to keep heat over a long period of time also can strongly influence its temperament, which in turn can impact its ability to cook up awesome meats and veggies.

All that said, the mission critical factor when it comes to Bay Area BBQ is still the basics: your meat and flavoring selection.

Consider the following 3 “pro tips” for great tasting barbecue. (If your adventure into the world of home grilled meat falls flat, head out to one of the greatest BBQ restaurants in the area. Not a bad back up plan, huh?!)

1. Choose amazing components, sourced fresh and local. Grab your favorite cut of meat, a spice blend that tickles your fancy, and a wood flavoring to add depth. You don’t need to get too complicated or too precious.

2. Remember: “Hot and not.” Before you start cooking, make sure your grill heats to the appropriate temperature. For searing, keep it on high. Barbecue, however, does well when slow cooked for longer periods of time. For slow roasted barbecue, don’t let your grill or smoker rise above 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Let your meat come to room temperature before throwing it on the grill.

3. Baste like you mean it. If you choose to go low and slow, remember to baste every 30 minutes or so with leftover marinade. Be attentive, and the meat shall reward you.

Patience will help you keep your barbecue from cooking too quickly. Be forewarned, though: it may take you 10 hours or more to get that perfect result.

Can’t Wait for that Melt-in-Your-Mouth BBQ Perfection?

If patience isn’t your strong suit, you’re not alone. Here’s a great back up plan that’s guaranteed to please everyone in your family: head over to Windy City Pizza for the best BBQ in San Mateo, located conveniently off Highway 92 at 35 Bovet Road, San Mateo, CA. (94402)!