How to Host the Winning Game Day Party for the “Big Game”

San Mateo is Getting Ready for the Big Game this Sunday! Are You?

Football parties are incomplete without salty snacks, savory wings, pizza, barbecue, enticing desserts, and of course–a room full of cheering fans! You may want to bypass the headache of planning an event altogether, and run to the nearest barbeque restaurant to gaze at the big screen. But if you’re feeling ambitious and decide to plan a party for the “Big Game,” why not go all out? And that doesn’t mean dropping hundreds of dollars to purchase fancy party supplies or 5 star catering; just by making a few conscious choices, your football party can be a memorable experience for both you and your guests no matter how well your team performs.

Make a Game Out of It

You can make a game out of just about anything, especially when pride and ego are involved. Have guests engage in the football version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” What does this look like in sporty terms? “Pin the Football in the Goal Post.” Make your own game by sticking duck tape on your wall in the form of a goal post and purchase a few football cutouts (or cut them out of brown construction paper and add some white yarn for the laces). Blindfold your guests during breaks or commercials and have them participate in the game. Go a step further and reward the person who does the best with a fun prize!

Prepare for the Snack Attack

Salt always tastes better under pressure, and there’s plenty of pressure on game day. Load up on savory favorites like potato chips, guacamole dip, salsa, jalapeno poppers, nuts, popcorn or anything else with a day’s worth of sodium in each bite. If you’re expecting hearty eaters, treat your guests to a great spread of bbq delivery. For the health conscious guests, set up a build-your-own potato bar or salad area so they have the option of controlling the items they eat.

Decorate in Your Team’s Colors

A few extra dollars and a trip to your local convenience store can give you all the ideas and décor you need to prepare for the party. Just a simple garland or two in your team’s colors may be enough to set the tone. Or decorate your coffee table with themed tablecloth and set it with a small plant dressed in toy footballs. Buying plastic silverware and napkins in team colors also adds a touch of fanaticism to a football party, and don’t’ forget the confetti and party poppers! Our favorite are these cupcakes with icing to match your favorite team! Click here to save the pin for later. In fact, we have an entire board related to Football Party Ideas that you can follow for great ideas!

Windy City Pizza & BBQ Can Make it Easy with Catering Options

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Get yourself ready for the next “Big Day” by planning ahead. Just by being creative, you can create an experience that will have guests talking about it for weeks. If you’re thinking about bbq catering or pizza delivery for your next event, call Windy City Pizza & BBQ and place an order today! We’ll help ensure you have the right amount of food for everyone. Give us a call today at (650) 578-1942 to discuss our options or check out our website’s catering menu.