Top 5 Reasons Lunch Catering is Great for Office Morale

Here’s Why Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza and BBQ are Great Lunch Catering Options for the Office!

Pizza delivery San MateoSome of the most successful companies provide lunch catering for employees not just monthly or weekly, but daily. Employee morale is cited as one reason for doing this. So what is it that makes a free catered lunch so good for morale that companies like Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor invest large sums in providing them? 

1. Feeling Appreciated

Feeding people makes them feel valued. It’s pretty much universally understood that giving someone food shows you care. When one person hosts a meal, it shows that the group matters—whether it’s family, friends, or employees. A couple of years ago, Glassdoor researched which companies fed their employees best. It correlated employer-provided meals with significantly higher employee satisfaction.

2. More Free Time at Home

Packing a lunch takes a bit of work and time. Maybe it’s after dinner when leisure is precious, or maybe it’s during the morning crunch. A sack lunch also takes planning, whether in shopping for lunch items or in cooking an extra dinner portion to bring to work. Taking this outside-work-hours job off the employee’s plate is a boon.

3. Free Time During the Work Day

Those who forgo the brown-bag option may spend half of the lunch hour walking or sometimes even driving to a place to buy a meal. This may not feel like the most pleasant way to spend that half-hour. Some would prefer a proper stroll; some would like to use the office gym equipment, if that exists; some would like to read a book.

4. Social Hour

Many social gatherings center around food because getting nourishment and enjoying delicious tastes are experiences we like to share. Feeding employees can be a square-meal affair or it can be pizza and BBQ delivery. Either way, when the food comes to the door, it’s mealtime—so employees are more likely to enjoy lunch together than when meals are ad hoc. Plates set out around the conference table create a welcoming atmosphere, even if the plates are paper ones. When co-workers have a chance to relax and eat together, they are more connected to each other and their workplace, and that feels a lot better than rushing off to buy a sandwich.

5. Quality Food

Fast food can harm employees’ health and lead to weight gain and a sluggish metabolism, especially for desk workers. But because fast food is fast and cheap, some workers will choose it even if it’s not their favorite. When the employer orders lunch catering, the costs and prep time are no longer the employee’s concern, and healthful choices are easier to make. Health is great for morale. Keep those fresh garden salads coming!

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