Study Shows Pizza Makes People More Productive

Promises of Free Pizza Improves Productivity and Office Morale


Motivating your staff is an important aspect for any business owner. However, it doesn’t always have to be about cash bonuses; small and delicious treats can also do the trick. According to researcher Dan Ariel, author of Payoff: The Hidden Logic that Shapes Our Motivations, the promise of pizza is something that can motivate your office staff quite well.

In an article posted by PMQ Magazine, Ariel showcased the power of pizza through a week-long experiment at an Intel semiconductor factory in Israel. During the start of the week, staff members received one of three emails containing details about a bonus for improved performance. The type of bonuses on offer varied; some employees were promised a monetary incentive of $30, while others were to get a long awaited compliment from the boss. The third group was told they would be rewarded with free pizza. The fourth group, a control group, was not promised any bonuses at all.

According to Ariel, the factory proved to be an ideal setting in which to carry out such a study because the employees’ output was tangible. Their job was to assemble a certain number of computer chips each day, which is a measurable task.

Chicago style cheese pizza

Pizza enthusiasts will not be surprised to find out that on the very first day of the study, the staff members who were promised free pizza increased their productivity levels by 6.7% over the control group, while those who were working to hear a compliment from their boss upped their productivity by 6.6%. The shocking (and unexpected) result was that the cash bonus had the least motivational effect, since the staff in this group raised their productivity levels by just 4.9% that first day.

By the second day, things became even more surprising. The group that was promised cash performed 13.2% more poorly than their counterparts in the control group. At the end of the week, the group reported an overall decline in productivity of 6.5%.

Over time, the output level for those promised pizza and compliments declined too; however, those in the latter slightly edged out the pizza group. In light of all these facts, Ariel believes the results would not have been as they were if his original proposal had included home pizza delivery for those who hit their targets. This way, it would not only be a great reward, but the employees would appear heroes in the eyes of their families.

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