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How to Host the Winning Game Day Party for the “Big Game”

San Mateo is Getting Ready for the Big Game this Sunday! Are You?

Football parties are incomplete without salty snacks, savory wings, pizza, barbecue, enticing desserts, and of course–a room full of cheering fans! You may want to bypass the headache of planning an event altogether, and run to the nearest barbeque restaurant to gaze at the big screen. But if you’re feeling ambitious and decide to plan a party for the “Big Game,” why not go all out? And that doesn’t mean dropping hundreds of dollars to purchase fancy party supplies or 5 star catering; just by making a few conscious choices, your football party can be a memorable experience for both you and your guests no matter how well your team performs. Continue reading How to Host the Winning Game Day Party for the “Big Game”

Four Main Styles of Barbecue

How BBQ Styles Vary Across the U.S.  

san mateo BBQ restaurantsNo matter where in the country you are from, virtually every American loves good barbecue. This cooking tradition, characterized by the meat being cooked by the hot smoke produced by burning logs, is cherished from coast to coast in various forms.

In the United States, the four distinctive barbecue styles include: Continue reading Four Main Styles of Barbecue