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Why Deep Dish Pizza is Better Than All Other Pizza

best pizza in san mateoChicago Style Deep Dish Pizza is the King of Pizzas

Pizza is considered a comfort food across all age and ethnic groups. Pizza lovers will drool over the endless possibilities when it comes to the type of crust, toppings, sauces, and styles of pizza within their reach. The types and varieties of toppings are countless and most of us have a favorite pizza place when the craving strikes. Windy City Pizza is one place you could go for the best pizza in San Mateo. We have a few types of pizza to choose from, the most popular being the famous Chicago-style deep dish with three delicious variations (Chicago-style, Chicago’s famous stuffed deep dish, and “redhead” style), traditional thin pizza, and gluten-free pizza. Let’s examine why deep dish pizza is one of the most popular varieties of pizza–and why we consider it above all others in the pizza world.

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Fun Facts and Trivia About Pizza

Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Pizza?

For many Americans, your local pizza restaurant might as well be on speed dial. Just think of the times dinner has arrived to your doorstep, wrapped in a large, warm, somewhat-greased-stained box. It’s pure happiness, right? Aside from pizza’s obvious importance to society, there is a rich, often untold history behind this household favorite. Check out these fun facts to take a deeper look into this tasty, favorite-food. Continue reading Fun Facts and Trivia About Pizza

Why Mozzarella Is, Hands Down, the Best Cheese for Pizza

When it Comes to the Best Pizza, it’s All About the Cheese

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Every day, 1 in 8 Americans chow down on pizza. Really, who could blame these folks? Pizza is a magnificent food! The cheese of choice most commonly used is mozzarella, which gives pizza an authentic flavor that no other cheese does. But why, exactly, does mozzarella make the best pizza? Why don’t people use, for instance, Gorgonzola or blue cheese? Continue reading Why Mozzarella Is, Hands Down, the Best Cheese for Pizza