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The History of Chicago-Style Pizza

San Mateo Pizza Delivery

How Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Came to Be

As most people can agree, pizza is one of the focal points of American tradition and the city of Chicago is no different. The Windy City is drenched in unique pizza history that continues to marvel locals and visitors alike. Continue reading The History of Chicago-Style Pizza

Why Deep Dish Pizza is Better Than All Other Pizza

best pizza in san mateoChicago Style Deep Dish Pizza is the King of Pizzas

Pizza is considered a comfort food across all age and ethnic groups. Pizza lovers will drool over the endless possibilities when it comes to the type of crust, toppings, sauces, and styles of pizza within their reach. The types and varieties of toppings are countless and most of us have a favorite pizza place when the craving strikes. Windy City Pizza is one place you could go for the best pizza in San Mateo. We have a few types of pizza to choose from, the most popular being the famous Chicago-style deep dish with three delicious variations (Chicago-style, Chicago’s famous stuffed deep dish, and “redhead” style), traditional thin pizza, and gluten-free pizza. Let’s examine why deep dish pizza is one of the most popular varieties of pizza–and why we consider it above all others in the pizza world.

Continue reading Why Deep Dish Pizza is Better Than All Other Pizza

A History of Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza

Rudy Malnati and the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Restaurants – Chicago’s Gift to the World of Pizza

Deep dish pizza has a coveted place for itself in the hearts of many pizza lovers. But who could resist a thick, buttery crust smothered in rich, savory sauce, mounds of luscious cheese and succulent pieces of meat? With deep dish pizza, the tomato sauce is purposely slathered on top, hot to the touch and deep, while the filling sits comfortable on a mound of soft and flaky pizza crust. The very description of this inverted pizza is enough to make your mouth water. Continue reading A History of Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza