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Why Windy City Pizza and BBQ Gift Cards Make the Perfect Gift

Pizza and BBQ is a Gift Anyone Will Enjoy

Windy City Pizza and BBQ gift cards make a great gift for friends and family this holiday season, and anytime that you need a versatile and appreciated gift or gesture. The food, the atmosphere, and the service at Windy City are what you would expect and demand for those that you care about… If you have not yet visited Windy City Pizza and BBQ, now is the time to come try us out! Continue reading Why Windy City Pizza and BBQ Gift Cards Make the Perfect Gift

Introducing Windy City Pizza’s New Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

gluten free pizza in San Mateo

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Updates Its Gluten-Free Crust

Americans with Celiacs Disease and gluten intolerance are always searching for gluten-free menu items at their local restaurants, or gluten-free options at the grocery store. Most say that by giving up gluten, they’ve sacrificed taste as well–especially when it comes to pizza. After extensive taste tasting of many gluten-free pizza crust options and evaluating their merits, Windy City Pizza and BBQ knew they were onto something exceptional. Even our gluten-tolerant customers tell us they enjoy this very special crust. Continue reading Introducing Windy City Pizza’s New Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Is Gluten-Free Pizza Better for You?

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Offers Gluten-Free

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Talks Gluten-Free Diets and Pizza

Gluten-free is a common buzz word today. With the widespread awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, many people are adapting to the gluten-free diet, even without having the disease or intolerance. There are even blogs and books dedicated to helping make the transition. At Windy City Pizza & BBQ, we’re happy to offer vegan and gluten-free pizza for our diet-restricted guests. But does it mean that something is automatically better for you if it’s free of gluten? If you have Celiac Disease, that is definitely the case. However, what if you aren’t gluten insensitive? Should you still avoid gluten? The answer to that question depends on the person. Continue reading Is Gluten-Free Pizza Better for You?

San Mateo Turns to the Best Pizza for Comfort After the Worst Days

IMG_6826Pizza Restaurants are THE Place for Comfort Food

Pizza is the pinnacle of comfort food according to recent studies. Once again, pizza proves to be the number one “go-to” meal, when people are looking for comfort, a culinary “pick me up,” or just a reason to celebrate!

The recent Harris Poll study showed that 15% of 2,252 adults said that a slice of pizza was their favorite comfort food. Chocolate and ice cream came tied for second place, while mac ‘n’ cheese came in fourth. Pizza also continues to be the most photographed food on instagram and continues to grow in popularity.

One reason pizza remains so popular is because it has the ability to adapt to individuals and regional preferences. Consumers today are looking for unique pizza toppings, more meat options, and they’re even exploring different sauces. The traditional tomato based sauce is starting to lose prominence as newer flavors like Sriracha sauce and garlic cream sauce grow in popularity. The prevalence of celiac disease and gluten intolerance has also made gluten-free pizza options a must-have for consumers. Restaurants like Windy City Pizza and BBQ are addressing current demands by offering gluten free pizza in San Mateo.

In studies where groups were separated by unique demographics like gender, age groups and geography, pizza still ranked number one. While the reasons men and women choose comfort food vary, women tend to turn to pizza when they’re stressed, while men often eat pizza when they’re feeling good.

Visit Windy City Pizza and BBQ for the Best Pizza in San Mateo

So the next time you have a tough day, need a pick me up, or simply want a reason to indulge your taste buds, get the best pizza in San Mateo and visit Windy City Pizza and BBQ. Call (650) 578-1924 to place an order, or order online right here.

The Top 10 Most Popular Pizza Toppings

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Rounds Up the 10 Most Popular Toppings

“Windy City Combo” Deep Dish Pizza ©2016 Windy City Pizza

What’s not to love about pizza? The cheesy, saucy, bready, tasty goodness makes every mouthful pure delight. What’s even better about pizza? You can make pizza your own special treat by adding or subtracting just what you want. Gluten free pizza crust? No problem. Extra cheese? Coming up! Vegetables only? As you wish! Pizza isn’t just a comfort food favorite, it’s now one of the best ways to express individual taste.

Despite the varieties in pizza, here are 10 toppings that are the most popular:

1) Pepperoni
2) Mushrooms
3) Onions

“Chicagopolitan Windy City Combo” ©2016 Windy City Pizza

4) Sausage
5) Bacon
6) Extra cheese

Extra Cheesy Deep Dish Pizza ©2016 Windy City Pizza

7) Black olives
8) Green peppers
9) Pineapple
10) Spinach

“Spinach Pie” Deep Dish Pizza ©2016 Windy City Pizza

Sound delicious? To order some yummy pizza delivery, call Windy City Pizza for amazing Chicago-style deep dish pizza, traditional thin “Chicagopolitan,” gluten-free, or just simply build-your-own pizza with whichever toppings you’d like! We are using the finest artisanal flour, top-notch Wisconsin cheese, the finest sausage from Chicago, freshly crushed tomatoes, and a bit of cornmeal added to the crust. We make our pizza in large, well-seasoned pans – some of which are 20+ years old – to ensure the true authentic Chicago pizza experience.

Windy City Pizza Caters to Your Pizza-Topping Preferences

We also offer gluten-free crust and vegan cheese for the conscious eater. Pick your favorite toppings to make your own personalized pizza. What’s your favorite topping or combo? Is it spinach and cheese, bacon and pineapple, mushrooms and onion? If you’re interested in ordering the best pizza in San Mateo, contact Windy City Pizza and place your pizza order today! Order by phone at (650) 578-1942 or online at www.windycitypizza.com.

Gluten-Free Diets & Why More Pizza Restaurants are Adjusting Their Menu

Even Those Without Celiac Disease are Going “Gluten Free” with their Pizza Nights

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Offers Gluten-Free Option

Restaurant chains and pizza restaurants are adjusting their menu to cater to gluten-free customers. Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that keeps people from being able to digest gluten, can lead to damage in the small intestine and cause discomfort. Those with celiac disease have had to embrace a diet that was free of wheat, barley and rye products. Continue reading Gluten-Free Diets & Why More Pizza Restaurants are Adjusting Their Menu