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October is National Pizza Month!

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Windy City Pizza and BBQ in San Mateo is THE Place to Celebrate

In case you missed the big news, October is National Pizza Month across North America. This classic Italian food was invented in 1889 and has since become a fan-favorite in countries all over the world. Consisting of wheat-based dough and topped with a variety of ingredients, pizza is mouthwatering and delicious. Our San Mateo pizza restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate this month, and all year long. Continue reading October is National Pizza Month!

Why Your Staff Will Love Lunch Catering from Windy City Pizza and BBQ

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Catered Office Lunches Are More Than Just a Free Meal for Employees

Lunch catering is a great way to motivate and inspire your employees, bring them all together and and show them some appreciation. Whether you choose lunch catering or pizza delivery, when you want the best pizza in San Mateo, choose Windy City Pizza and BBQ.

Some of the benefits of feeding the team a fresh, wholesome lunch include: Continue reading Why Your Staff Will Love Lunch Catering from Windy City Pizza and BBQ

Give Thanks to Your Employees with Lunch Catering

The Holiday Season is a great time to show appreciation for your valued employees with lunch catering from Windy City Pizza and BBQ. If your business is in the San Mateo area, and within our pizza and BBQ delivery area, you don’t have to spend excess amounts of time and money on a company party to show your thanks. Simply providing an unexpected free meal is enough to make anyone feel appreciated and recognized.

The saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” also holds true for employees. With the best Chicago style deep dish pizza and Texas smokehouse BBQ, Windy City Pizza and BBQ is a great choice for winning over the hearts of your staff, and increasing productivity and loyalty. After all, happy employees are productive and loyal employees.

Our catering menu offers a wide variety of Texas BBQ options and housemade sides (available in a range of portion sizes), specialty Chicago-style deep dish pizzas, farm-fresh salads, and BBQ and Chicago-style sandwiches. If you’re unsure about ordering correct quantities, our staff is pleased to spend a few minutes on the phone with you, or check out our website’s “Catering Guidelines” for more information on serving portions.

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Research shows that employees who feel appreciated will demonstrate the following behaviors:

  • Take more pride and ownership in their work
  • Go above and beyond the status quo
  • Build relationships with peers and co-workers
  • Become more receptive to constructive criticism
  • Show increased loyalty (lower turnover rate)
  • Begin praising others
  • Be more content with their work/life balance

You don’t have to go all-out either! If the company budget is a little tight, consider opting for pizza delivery. It’s convenient, affordable and always a crowd-pleasing favorite. At Windy City Pizza and BBQ, we also offer delicious gluten free and vegan options, which makes it a great choice—regardless of any dietary constraints.

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During the Holiday season, a higher-end catering option is a great choice but don’t just go the ordinary lunch catering route. Choose something unconventional, yet delectable like knuckle-suckin’ good Texas BBQ–delivered straight to your office! Our tender, juicy, Texas Smokehouse Barbecue that is sure to become the office favorite.

For a variety of options, add a specialty deep dish pizza (or a few), which marries layers of savory sauce, meat (optional), crushed tomatoes, artisanal flour and premium Wisconsin cheese. With food this appetizing, your efforts to show appreciation to your employees will make a lasting impression.

Show Your Appreciation With Lunch Catering from Windy City Pizza and BBQ

We’re happy to discuss office catering options and take all the guesswork out of a menu that’s perfectly suited to a variety of employees’ tastes and dietary needs. Check out our catering menu here, then give us a call to plan your event! To place an order for the best pizza and BBQ delivery in the San Mateo Area, contact Windy City Pizza today at (650) 578-1942 or order your catering online through our contact form.

How Lunch Catering Boosts Office Morale and Productivity

4 Reasons to Provide Lunch Catering to Your Staff

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Offering your employees lunch catering every week is one of the best ways to motivate them and boost their productivity. Recent studies have shown that employees value this “free gift” and will consider working for a company that provides it. Eventually, the cost of the lunches will be recovered in multiple folds. The increase in employee motivation helps them produce more positive results, thereby improving the company’s bottom line. Here are a few of the reasons why your company should consider offering your employees a catered lunch on a regular basis. Continue reading How Lunch Catering Boosts Office Morale and Productivity

Study Shows Pizza Makes People More Productive

Promises of Free Pizza Improves Productivity and Office Morale


Motivating your staff is an important aspect for any business owner. However, it doesn’t always have to be about cash bonuses; small and delicious treats can also do the trick. According to researcher Dan Ariel, author of Payoff: The Hidden Logic that Shapes Our Motivations, the promise of pizza is something that can motivate your office staff quite well. Continue reading Study Shows Pizza Makes People More Productive

Lunch Catering and Other Ways to Give Thanks to Your Employees

Office Holiday Celebrations are a Breeze with Catered Office Lunches


Happy employees make productive employees. When employees are shown respect and appreciation they are more likely to put the extra effort in to be an asset for your business. Managers might be tempted to believe that a consistent paycheck is recognition enough for employees; but everyone needs an occasional reminder that their work is recognized. Putting in extra effort to appreciate workers might be the fuel that drives them to go the extra mile for your business. History supports this finding. The Division of Human Resources at Florida International University conducted research that reveals the benefits of employee appreciation. Happy employees will: Continue reading Lunch Catering and Other Ways to Give Thanks to Your Employees

Farm-Fresh Dining: Salad Toppings to Try This Summer

Windy City Pizza and BBQ Delivers Delicious Suggestions!

Farm-Fresh Dining San MateoProduce gets exciting in summer, especially if you have access to a farmer’s market. When you put the newest fresh ingredients into your salads, you bring summer to your table. Here are a few suggestions for enlivening your summer salads and bringing farm-fresh dining to your table. Continue reading Farm-Fresh Dining: Salad Toppings to Try This Summer

Top 5 Reasons Lunch Catering is Great for Office Morale

Here’s Why Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza and BBQ are Great Lunch Catering Options for the Office!

Pizza delivery San MateoSome of the most successful companies provide lunch catering for employees not just monthly or weekly, but daily. Employee morale is cited as one reason for doing this. So what is it that makes a free catered lunch so good for morale that companies like Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor invest large sums in providing them?  Continue reading Top 5 Reasons Lunch Catering is Great for Office Morale

The Anatomy of a Chicago Style Hot Dog

Vienna Beef Hot Dogs: A “Must” for the Chicago Dog

vienna beef hot dogs san mateoThe right kind of hot dog is a beautiful creation of signature meats and flavors. That’s exactly what our Chicago style hot dog offers. A hot dog experience is all about the dog, the bun, and the toppings. Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of the perfect Chicago dog. Continue reading The Anatomy of a Chicago Style Hot Dog