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Farm Fresh Salads from Windy City Pizza and BBQ

Farm Fresh Dining in San Mateo

When most people think “pizza restaurant,” farm-fresh dining doesn’t always come to mind. In addition to serving the most delicious pizza and BBQ in San Mateo, guests can also enjoy fresh salads in our dining room, on our patio, or with a pizza delivery. Our guests may not know this, but much of our produce is hand-picked every Saturday from the San Mateo Farmers’ Market. Continue reading Farm Fresh Salads from Windy City Pizza and BBQ

The History of Chicago-Style Pizza

San Mateo Pizza Delivery

How Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Came to Be

As most people can agree, pizza is one of the focal points of American tradition and the city of Chicago is no different. The Windy City is drenched in unique pizza history that continues to marvel locals and visitors alike. Continue reading The History of Chicago-Style Pizza

Best Wine and Pizza Pairings

Top 5 Best Pizza and Wine Pairings

best pizza and wine in san mateo

Most foodies will tell you that wine and pizza is just like beer and fish and chips, peanut butter and jelly, or any other match made in heaven. Whether you prefer a midweek pizza delivery to your home, or planned a weekend date to enjoy your favorite pizza and wine, there is no better choice in San Mateo than Windy City Pizza and BBQ. Continue reading Best Wine and Pizza Pairings

How Lunch Catering Boosts Office Morale and Productivity

4 Reasons to Provide Lunch Catering to Your Staff

san mateo lunch catering

Offering your employees lunch catering every week is one of the best ways to motivate them and boost their productivity. Recent studies have shown that employees value this “free gift” and will consider working for a company that provides it. Eventually, the cost of the lunches will be recovered in multiple folds. The increase in employee motivation helps them produce more positive results, thereby improving the company’s bottom line. Here are a few of the reasons why your company should consider offering your employees a catered lunch on a regular basis. Continue reading How Lunch Catering Boosts Office Morale and Productivity

3 Reasons to Go Out for Pizza for a First Date

Why Should You Choose Windy City Pizza for Date Night?


There are few things more exciting (and nerve racking) than the first date! For two individuals who are extremely fond of each other, the first date can still be an awkward experience. It’s true that organizing the date at a fancy fine dining restaurant is a great way to impress your partner, but that also raises the level of pressure for you both. All these challenges can be avoided by simply dining at a cozy San Mateo pizza restaurant instead. Continue reading 3 Reasons to Go Out for Pizza for a First Date

Study Shows Pizza Makes People More Productive

Promises of Free Pizza Improves Productivity and Office Morale


Motivating your staff is an important aspect for any business owner. However, it doesn’t always have to be about cash bonuses; small and delicious treats can also do the trick. According to researcher Dan Ariel, author of Payoff: The Hidden Logic that Shapes Our Motivations, the promise of pizza is something that can motivate your office staff quite well. Continue reading Study Shows Pizza Makes People More Productive

Pizza Turncoat [Excerpt from American Way]

In New York, the Term Deep Dish Represents Betrayal

Illustration by Kyle T. Webster via American Way, March 2016

Modern day New Yorkers take a lot of pride in their pizza; so much so, that almost everyone has had a New York Style pizza at one point or another. However, with this great pride comes an intense debate. Deep dish pizza has become the case of much duress on the streets of New York.

This is an excerpt from one of our favorite deep dish pizza stories that we found in American Way’s March 2016 issue: Continue reading Pizza Turncoat [Excerpt from American Way]

How to Host the Winning Game Day Party for the “Big Game”

San Mateo is Getting Ready for the Big Game this Sunday! Are You?

Football parties are incomplete without salty snacks, savory wings, pizza, barbecue, enticing desserts, and of course–a room full of cheering fans! You may want to bypass the headache of planning an event altogether, and run to the nearest barbeque restaurant to gaze at the big screen. But if you’re feeling ambitious and decide to plan a party for the “Big Game,” why not go all out? And that doesn’t mean dropping hundreds of dollars to purchase fancy party supplies or 5 star catering; just by making a few conscious choices, your football party can be a memorable experience for both you and your guests no matter how well your team performs. Continue reading How to Host the Winning Game Day Party for the “Big Game”

Windy City Pizza in San Mateo Now Dishing Gluten Free Pizza!

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Announces Gluten Free Menu Option

Cheese Pizza with Gluten Free Crust ©2015 Windy City Pizza and BBQ

If you are gluten intolerant, you can probably relate to the following scenario: You’ve just scarfed down a hearty slice of cheesy, pepperoni pizza. While the delicious aftertaste is still lingering — suddenly, unwanted rumbling and churning produces knots and discomfort in your midsection. Bloated, uncomfortable, drowsy and lightheaded, you wonder how something so delicious could produce such misery. Continue reading Windy City Pizza in San Mateo Now Dishing Gluten Free Pizza!

Best Pizza and Beer Pairings

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Discusses How to Perfectly Pair Pizza and Beer

©2015 Livzey Photography for Windy City Pizza and BBQ

Since 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second, pizza could definitely be crowned as the most beloved dish in America. Whether you’re craving forbidden carbs, need a cheesy-food fix, want a list minute entree, enjoy the convenience of pizza delivery, or simply need a satisfying and budget-friendly meal, pizza has a way of appealing to a broad array of people. Continue reading Best Pizza and Beer Pairings