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How to Host the Winning Game Day Party for the “Big Game”

San Mateo is Getting Ready for the Big Game this Sunday! Are You?

Football parties are incomplete without salty snacks, savory wings, pizza, barbecue, enticing desserts, and of course–a room full of cheering fans! You may want to bypass the headache of planning an event altogether, and run to the nearest barbeque restaurant to gaze at the big screen. But if you’re feeling ambitious and decide to plan a party for the “Big Game,” why not go all out? And that doesn’t mean dropping hundreds of dollars to purchase fancy party supplies or 5 star catering; just by making a few conscious choices, your football party can be a memorable experience for both you and your guests no matter how well your team performs. Continue reading How to Host the Winning Game Day Party for the “Big Game”

Windy City Pizza in San Mateo Now Dishing Gluten Free Pizza!

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Announces Gluten Free Menu Option

Cheese Pizza with Gluten Free Crust ©2015 Windy City Pizza and BBQ

If you are gluten intolerant, you can probably relate to the following scenario: You’ve just scarfed down a hearty slice of cheesy, pepperoni pizza. While the delicious aftertaste is still lingering — suddenly, unwanted rumbling and churning produces knots and discomfort in your midsection. Bloated, uncomfortable, drowsy and lightheaded, you wonder how something so delicious could produce such misery. Continue reading Windy City Pizza in San Mateo Now Dishing Gluten Free Pizza!

Best Pizza and Beer Pairings

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Discusses How to Perfectly Pair Pizza and Beer

©2015 Livzey Photography for Windy City Pizza and BBQ

Since 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second, pizza could definitely be crowned as the most beloved dish in America. Whether you’re craving forbidden carbs, need a cheesy-food fix, want a list minute entree, enjoy the convenience of pizza delivery, or simply need a satisfying and budget-friendly meal, pizza has a way of appealing to a broad array of people. Continue reading Best Pizza and Beer Pairings

Dog Friendly Restaurants Are In! Is Your Dog Ready?

Dog Friendly Restaurants Welcome Amiable and Well-Behaved Dogs

dog-friendly-restaurant-german-shepherd California laws that once prohibited non-service dogs from entering restaurants are changing, and an increasing number of outdoor seating restaurants are welcoming well-behaved dogs – as long as the dogs follow some commonsense rules. They can’t sit on chairs or eat off of plates or the table and they can’t disturb other dogs or people.

Continue reading Dog Friendly Restaurants Are In! Is Your Dog Ready?

How to Pair Beer With Chicago Style Pizza

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Shares its Expertise

Chicago Style Pizza in San Mateo with Beer

Like many couples, pizza and beer go together partly because of their commonalities and partly because they contrast enough to complement each other. With so many kinds of pizza on the menu and an ever-increasing choice of beers, the opportunities for interesting and delicious combinations are only growing. So what makes a good pizza-and-beer combination? Unsurprisingly, it’s partly a matter preference; but beyond that, it’s about where you want harmony and where you want variation. Continue reading How to Pair Beer With Chicago Style Pizza

Windy City Pizza visits Pizzeria Mozza in L.A.

A long awaited trip to L.A to visit Pizzeria Mozza – Nancy Silverton’s (La Brea Bakery and a great chef) introducing L.A. to classic Neapolitan Pizza some years ago. At Windy City we do a thin crust pizza called “Chicagopolian”, Neopolitan inspired but built for a hardier appetite.

Watching the artisans at Mozza’s using such a variety of finishing ingredients was inspiring! Can chive oil, Maldon sea salt, white anchovies over roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes and burrata be popping up at Windy City in the future?!

Is Deep Dish Pizza Really “Pizza”?

The Debate Between Chicago Style Pizza and Neapolitan Pizza

lunch catering Foster City
Tradition thin “Chicagopolitan” pepperoni pizza alongside a custom-built Chicago style deep dish pizza. ©2015 Windy City Pizza & BBQ
Whether you’re searching for pizza restaurants in San Mateo to schedule a lunch date, or exploring lunch catering in Foster City to surprise a corporate client, you may have heard the buzz about deep-dish pizza. Is it really pizza? Or is it something else entirely? Continue reading Is Deep Dish Pizza Really “Pizza”?

Wild Pizza Toppings From Around the World

Creative Pizza Toppings That Are Out of This World

Windy City Pizza offers the best pizza in San Mateo and, quite possibly, in the entire Bay Area. Or at least we (and our fans!) would say so. Our Chicago style pizza has inspired raving fans as well as critical acclaim.

But the sheer menagerie of pizza combinations served around the globe is astonishing. Let’s explore some of the creative (and often far-out) toppings people put on their pies. Continue reading Wild Pizza Toppings From Around the World