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Events Happening at Your Favorite Restaurant Due to Covid… That You Probably Did Not Know About

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How Has CoVID  Impacted Your Favorite Pizza and BBQ Restaurant in San Mateo?

I noticed a YELP review a few days ago where a customer stated she was not returning to a favorite restaurant in San Mateo because something had changed. This caught my attention as – for the last several months – Windy City has been unable to find the regular size portion cups for our BBQ side dishes… among other items. Prior to that, we were unable to source the lids for our portion cups. For over a year, there has been a shortage of pizza boxes and frequently our 2” deep box – absolutely necessary for our bigger, deeper pies – have been unavailable for weeks at a time. Meat, poultry, pepperoni, salami and cheese prices are through the roof. This past year, Beef prices increased 125%, Poultry 55%, Pork 16%, Soy Oil 110%. And Pizza boxes 35%.

We cannot source apple cider vinegar and our cooking oil runs anywhere from $36 to $75/box, depending on the supply chain. Availability of kegs and bottles of beer is totally random, week to week.

Our “Chicago’s Famous Eli’s Cheesecake” has not been available for two months! Paper goods, utilities and wages have all seen a dramatic price increase, plus many restaurants, including our pizza and BBQ restaurant in San Mateo, are coping with acute staff shortages, both back and front-of-house. So… if something seems out of the ordinary, please ask why! As has been well documented, more than 100,000 restaurants have already permanently closed throughout our country.

We need – and sincerely ask for – our customers’ continuing support, patience and understanding as our industry deals with unprecedented issues not seen in a generation. It’s easy to write a negative review, what’s not easy in these tough times is being able to find everything needed to keep Windy City Pizza & BBQ open.

Bob Yeats (owner)

Order the Best Pizza and BBQ in San Mateo

6 Tips for Patio Dining with Your Dog This Summer

Summertime is for the Great Outdoors and Dog-Friendly Patio Dining

The weather in San Mateo has been perfect lately for patio dining, and dog-owners are on the hunt for local restaurants with dog-friendly patios. Most dog-friendly restaurants understand that not all pups have developed their best table manners yet, but here are 6 great tips while dining out with your furry friend. Continue reading 6 Tips for Patio Dining with Your Dog This Summer

Is Gluten-Free Pizza Better for You?

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Offers Gluten-Free

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Talks Gluten-Free Diets and Pizza

Gluten-free is a common buzz word today. With the widespread awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, many people are adapting to the gluten-free diet, even without having the disease or intolerance. There are even blogs and books dedicated to helping make the transition. At Windy City Pizza & BBQ, we’re happy to offer vegan and gluten-free pizza for our diet-restricted guests. But does it mean that something is automatically better for you if it’s free of gluten? If you have Celiac Disease, that is definitely the case. However, what if you aren’t gluten insensitive? Should you still avoid gluten? The answer to that question depends on the person. Continue reading Is Gluten-Free Pizza Better for You?

Pizza Restaurant Shares Tips to Avoid Letting your Homemade Pizza Go To The Dogs

Pizza Restaurant Tips to Make a Great Homemade Pizza


Dog friendly restaurants, like Windy City Pizza, are great options for you and man’s best friend, but you may not always have a chance to get out of the house. Depending on where you are in the Bay Area, you may not be able to get our pizza delivered. Chicago-style deep dish pizza, or even our “Chicagopolitan,” isn’t easy to replicate at home, but here are some tips for the college try. Continue reading Pizza Restaurant Shares Tips to Avoid Letting your Homemade Pizza Go To The Dogs

Top 4 Ways Windy City Pizza and BBQ Serves Pizza

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Options

©2016 Windy City Pizza and BBQ

Pizza delivery will never go out of style. You know why? The versatility of pizza makes it a favorite of pretty much anyone with working taste buds. Chicago style pizza? Check. Classic pepperoni pizza? We’ve got that too! Gluten-free, vegan options? As you wish!

©2016 Windy City Pizza and BBQ

Whether you’re dedicated to the “all you can eat ” diet, or prefer a compassionate, animal-free food plan, our San Mateo pizza restaurant has just what you need. We prepare our pizza 4 ways: Continue reading Top 4 Ways Windy City Pizza and BBQ Serves Pizza

Windy City Pizza in San Mateo Now Dishing Gluten Free Pizza!

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Announces Gluten Free Menu Option

Cheese Pizza with Gluten Free Crust ©2015 Windy City Pizza and BBQ

If you are gluten intolerant, you can probably relate to the following scenario: You’ve just scarfed down a hearty slice of cheesy, pepperoni pizza. While the delicious aftertaste is still lingering — suddenly, unwanted rumbling and churning produces knots and discomfort in your midsection. Bloated, uncomfortable, drowsy and lightheaded, you wonder how something so delicious could produce such misery. Continue reading Windy City Pizza in San Mateo Now Dishing Gluten Free Pizza!

Wine Pairings for the Best Pizza in San Mateo

Step Aside Beer, Pizza has a Grape New Friend

Pizza Delivery and Wine Pairing

Pizza and beer has made a name for itself in college dorm rooms, at game nights, during super bowl parties, and anything in between. But did you know pizza and wine also go together? Casual meets sophistication in this tasty duo. Simply place an order at a nearby San Mateo pizza restaurant, grab your favorite bottle of wine, and you are ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy one of the best pairings the Bay Area has to offer!

Continue reading Wine Pairings for the Best Pizza in San Mateo

How Deep Dish Pizza Made Chicago Famous

How Did Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Originate?

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©2014 Windy City Pizza
When people think of Chicago, many identify with the city’s reputation for being the home of the deep dish pizza. In addition to Chicago Italian sandwiches, this classic Italian dish became a Chicago staple decades ago, but few people know the history of Chicago’s deep dish. Continue reading How Deep Dish Pizza Made Chicago Famous