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Top 10 Nutritional Pizza Toppings

10 Best Guilt-Free Pizza Toppings That Are Actually Good for You

Deep Spinach Pie

Are you looking to tone up and get fit, but don’t want to give up eating pizza? Now you can do both! All you have to do is swap your normal pizza toppings for healthier options, and you can enjoy pizza without the guilt of breaking your diet. Here are 10 pizza toppings that hold nutritious value. Continue reading Top 10 Nutritional Pizza Toppings

The Top 10 Most Popular Pizza Toppings

San Mateo Pizza Restaurant Rounds Up the 10 Most Popular Toppings

“Windy City Combo” Deep Dish Pizza ©2016 Windy City Pizza

What’s not to love about pizza? The cheesy, saucy, bready, tasty goodness makes every mouthful pure delight. What’s even better about pizza? You can make pizza your own special treat by adding or subtracting just what you want. Gluten free pizza crust? No problem. Extra cheese? Coming up! Vegetables only? As you wish! Pizza isn’t just a comfort food favorite, it’s now one of the best ways to express individual taste.

Despite the varieties in pizza, here are 10 toppings that are the most popular:

1) Pepperoni
2) Mushrooms
3) Onions

“Chicagopolitan Windy City Combo” ©2016 Windy City Pizza

4) Sausage
5) Bacon
6) Extra cheese

Extra Cheesy Deep Dish Pizza ©2016 Windy City Pizza

7) Black olives
8) Green peppers
9) Pineapple
10) Spinach

“Spinach Pie” Deep Dish Pizza ©2016 Windy City Pizza

Sound delicious? To order some yummy pizza delivery, call Windy City Pizza for amazing Chicago-style deep dish pizza, traditional thin “Chicagopolitan,” gluten-free, or just simply build-your-own pizza with whichever toppings you’d like! We are using the finest artisanal flour, top-notch Wisconsin cheese, the finest sausage from Chicago, freshly crushed tomatoes, and a bit of cornmeal added to the crust. We make our pizza in large, well-seasoned pans – some of which are 20+ years old – to ensure the true authentic Chicago pizza experience.

Windy City Pizza Caters to Your Pizza-Topping Preferences

We also offer gluten-free crust and vegan cheese for the conscious eater. Pick your favorite toppings to make your own personalized pizza. What’s your favorite topping or combo? Is it spinach and cheese, bacon and pineapple, mushrooms and onion? If you’re interested in ordering the best pizza in San Mateo, contact Windy City Pizza and place your pizza order today! Order by phone at (650) 578-1942 or online at www.windycitypizza.com.

Why Mozzarella Is, Hands Down, the Best Cheese for Pizza

When it Comes to the Best Pizza, it’s All About the Cheese

lunch catering San Mateo

Every day, 1 in 8 Americans chow down on pizza. Really, who could blame these folks? Pizza is a magnificent food! The cheese of choice most commonly used is mozzarella, which gives pizza an authentic flavor that no other cheese does. But why, exactly, does mozzarella make the best pizza? Why don’t people use, for instance, Gorgonzola or blue cheese? Continue reading Why Mozzarella Is, Hands Down, the Best Cheese for Pizza

Wild Pizza Toppings From Around the World

Creative Pizza Toppings That Are Out of This World

Windy City Pizza offers the best pizza in San Mateo and, quite possibly, in the entire Bay Area. Or at least we (and our fans!) would say so. Our Chicago style pizza has inspired raving fans as well as critical acclaim.

But the sheer menagerie of pizza combinations served around the globe is astonishing. Let’s explore some of the creative (and often far-out) toppings people put on their pies. Continue reading Wild Pizza Toppings From Around the World